Top 10 Tips for a Successful Language Program

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Having a multicultural workforce is a huge asset in the global business world. As more companies look to diversify their workforce to ensure these employees excel, a successful corporate language program is important to help close the gap in communication.

A corporate language program allows businesses to train their staff, so they are prepared for the business environment. This is important because these staff members represent the face of the company when interacting with customers, clients, and stakeholders.

Businesses across the US are increasingly hiring employees from various backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. To ensure these employees communicate clearly and effectively with your customers, a professional language program could be exactly what your company needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top tips to ensure you provide a successful language program for your employees.

#1 Highlight the Language Benefits

Learning a new language for many staff members may be difficult, intense, and time-consuming. Some staff members will be more enthusiastic than others, but it’s important to make them aware of the benefits before they begin on the new language journey.

One way to do this is to explain how language training can help them in the workplace and offer potential career advancements. As part of this discussion, it’s important to mention the benefits of knowing the language to help achieve company objectives and personal goals. It’s important to inform them of the hours per week required to complete the training efficiently, so they are in full understanding before they begin.

#2 Set out the Language Requirements

Before investing in any particular language program for the workforce, it’s recommended to set out the primary needs.

If your staff is required to improve and develop their English language skills to operate in the US or international market, then a professional program focusing on business English could be the primary focus.

Alternatively, if your business is looking to expand into foreign markets and staff members need to communicate in a new language, then a workplace training program for Spanish, French or Chinese could be the ideal requirement here.

#3 Consider the Learning Process

In figuring out the in-person or online language training sessions, it’s worth considering the learning process for all staff members. The best approach is to form a comprehensive picture of your employees and their current abilities in the focus language.

An assessment of your staff’s abilities in the language will allow for you to structure lessons and group staff accordingly. This will then allow for you to see the scale of the work ahead and how long the learning process will take.

Language training providers, such as Workplace Languages, can offer language assessments of individual staff members at your organization in any language to help speed up this process.

#4 Create a Timeline

Another factor in ensuring a successful language training program at your company is to set out a clear timeline. In the timescale preparation, you will want to consider how many hours per week you will be committing to training staff and how this will fit in with their current schedule.

Training providers such as Workplace Languages can help to set out a clear timescale for your team and offer recommendations as to the best approach to maximize the learning process.

#5 Job Specific Language Training

One of the most important parts of ensuring a successful language program is to provide job-specific language training. This involves grouping relevant staff members together from similar departments with a language program tailored towards their job requirements.

Lessons can then be prepared that teach workplace etiquette and business vocabulary in the chosen language relating to the specific job area. Exercises such as role-plays, business meetings, and speaking on the phone can all help to develop staff in their new language relevant to their specific job.

#6 Encourage Communication in the Language on the Job

Whilst staff members are taking part in the company language program, it helps to encourage communication in the language on the job where possible.

Asking colleagues to practice the new language in meetings and during daily communication will help them to fast track their progress in the workplace environment. There will be mistakes along the way with this approach, but other staff members can help out accordingly to correct any issues.

This process will improve employee confidence quickly on the job in the workplace environment.

#7 Consider Everyday Language

A mistake many companies make when it comes to training their staff to take on second languages is focusing on workplace terminology only. Whilst this is the priority for most companies as they train to better communicate in the workplace, don’t underestimate everyday language use too.

To help increase their skill level in the language, encourage the language use in some more informal and social settings too. This will in turn help with their overall language communication, and filter into their use of the language in the business environment.

#8 Create an Environment of Praise

As you notice staff improvements in the target language within the workplace, aim to promote a positive environment. By providing recognition for their hard work this will encourage staff members to continue to grow and develop.

A workplace environment that encourages progress and boosts staff members’ self-esteem during language learning is a great foundation for success. Praising employees as they move through the program will be beneficial to both parties in the long term.

#9 Provide Incentives

Many companies find that incentives increase interest and desire among their workforce. When provided rewards for targets achieved, staff members typically buy into the process and it creates healthy competition within the workplace.

By giving incentives this can then be used as a motivational tool to encourage employees to develop to the standard required in the target language. Gift vouchers and subscriptions on a smaller scale are a great way to incentivize employees to keep them motivated.

#10 Be Patient

Finally, patience is the key and as an employer, you will need to ensure you provide your staff with time and space to develop. Try not to apply too much pressure, make the workplace environment fun without discomfort or uncertainty.

In hiring language training experts for your company, they will prepare a program that will consist of consistent progress each week. The key is to give the process time to develop and soon your company will see the long-term benefits of its staff members.

Looking for a Professional Language Program at your Company?

By putting all these tips into action you can quickly have your team on board and excelling in a new language that will take the international business world by storm.

The next step is to hire a professional language program provider that can help ensure your language goals are achieved with qualified teachers. Workplace Languages specializes in language training options for every company’s specific requirements. They provide online and onsite language classes that can be scheduled around your busy schedule, such as the time-saving Lunchtime Language program.

All Workplace Languages lessons are available at various language levels to accommodate for any industry in any language. Lessons are then tailored to the industry, company, or job-specific needs of your workforce.

Contact Us today for more information so we can understand how we can help your company develop and grow so you can thrive in the international business environment.

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