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Written copy of important meetings are often needed in another language. Multilingual transcription services from Workplace Languages converts live or recorded speech into a written or electronic document in any of 200+ languages. Spoken content from events and seminars can be converted into text. Many businesses use multilingual transcriptions to create a report and keep a document of an important conference for future reference.

Our video translation services are accurate and affordable. Our quality assurance process includes quality checks with all of our professional transcribers. Our clients always count on us for reliability, quick turnaround times and level of customer service that is unmatched in the transcription industry.

How Transcriptions Can Help You

  • Audio: We can take care of any digital files and convert to your desired format.
  • Business Meetings: Have us quickly and accurately transcribe your meetings.
  • Conference/Convention: An important conference or large-scale convention can be covered for future usage.
  • Interview: Key interviews can be saved to promote your brand.
  • Market Research: Collect important data from focus groups, market research or opinion polls to help you make the best decision.
  • Legal: You want records of legal proceedings to capture facts, dates, quotes, and other information in text form.
  • Podcast: Transcribe your podcasts into text for higher ranking on search engine results and to use for online articles.
  • Video: Do you have YouTube videos that need to be transcribed? Files from platforms such as DropBox or Hightail? Let us take care of it.

Why You Need Multilingual Transcriptions

Transcriptions offer an opportunity to have a hard copy of an important business meeting or conference in a specific language or multiple languages. This allows your staff to concentrate at the meeting and fully participate without the distraction of taking notes.

By having the notes of your meetings transcribed and converted to text in the language you need, you can improve collaboration as staff can refer to the material to refresh their memory of what was discussed.

Multilingual transcriptions allow you to have documents easily accessible for future reference, including for those unable to attend. It provides content for people with hearing impairments at your company or working for a partner, showing you care and want the best solutions.

Multilingual transcriptions may also be crucial for your marketing department, giving them all the information needed to launch a new product. Having that text can also improve SEO on your website or any social network it appears on.

Top 5 Ways Transcriptions Benefit You at Work


Enhanced Turnaround Time

An editor can quickly and accurately revise content using a transcript, cutting costs and improving workflow.

Increase Your Content Searchability:

With a transcribed video, search engines can read the transcriptions, making video content searchable and discoverable to new and existing customers.

Employee Focus:

It’s proven that people can better retain information when they are provided transcripts to supplement auditory or visual content.

Increase Accessibility:

You legally must provide transcriptions or subtitled captions for any audio and visual content in the public sector; The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all public audio and visual material be accessible to all viewers.


Transcriptions are affordable and save you money in other ways, including employee workflow.

Workplace Languages

Multilingual transcription services give you access to a broader range of customers. We customize our services to meet your specific needs by hiring and training the best language-specific transcriptionists to ensure the highest quality.

Our emphasis on quality and accuracy is important for any business because mistakes can be costly and affect your industry standing. You need human discernment for error-free transcription and exact specifications.

We Do It All!

We specialize in providing high-quality multilingual transcription services and deliver the best quality work through our commitment, dedication, integrity, and transparency. No matter which industry you are part of, we can accurately transcribe your important work into any language you need.

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