Spanish Basics are Different for Everyone

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What are the Spanish basics you need to be more productive in your workplace? The answer is… it depends. The right way to learn (and teach) Spanish is to create a customized learning path based on a student’s industry, workplace demands, and language strategy goals. At Workplace Languages, our philosophy is to provide language training that gives individuals only what they need to be more productive, get their point across, and build rapport with others.

What are Spanish Basics?

Because everyone’s needs are different, we offer on-site and online Spanish training programs  that are built around a different approach to Spanish basics. We understand that in a business environment, no one wants to spend hours and hours conjugating verbs and memorizing long lists of vocabulary words. That type of Spanish basics course has its place in academia, but it’s really not useful in the workplace. Instead, our Spanish course is a zero-stress learning experience that focuses on functional Spanish that can be used immediately. It does not teach grammar. It does not teach a bunch of Spanish words you’ll never use. It teaches you what you need to know in your work environment. Our other onsite and online Spanish courses follow a similar philosophy.

Why Implement Spanish Training in the Workplace?

Our Spanish training participants learn functional Spanish basics that can be used immediately. Our courses are customized with Spanish phrases that are unique to your specific industry and workplace needs. Participants in the seminar report that they experience improved teamwork, increased morale, and better communication with their teammates. Businesses benefit, too, by increasing cost-effectiveness, productivity, and staff retention with improved understanding of the Spanish language.

Language Training from Workplace Languages

At Workplace Languages, we believe that every member of your team can benefit from language training. All our courses can be built to accommodate various skill levels and apply to various members of your company. Our onsite or online language courses are available at multiple levels that become more industry, company, and job-specific as they progress. Contact us to learn more.

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