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In today’s global marketplace, we use business English as the international language of communication. Many businesses witness success in their growth globally when their business Executives communicate confidently in English to secure international deals.

The key to any business success is in how executives communicate with their customers in highly competitive marketplaces. When operating internationally, these organizations need to understand and communicate with their customers effectively in English to appeal to a global audience. This helps to build trust and maintain a professional reputation.

Why Is Business English So Important?

Effective business English interactions can be the actual driving force for greater success for your organization internationally. Non-native English speakers learn English for the sole purpose of doing business in English-speaking countries. However, there is also the added advantage when communicating with people that speak English as a foreign language in other countries too.

Business English is commonly used by both native and non-native speakers to conduct business globally, so to ensure your organization stands out from the competition it’s essential that your Business Executives can communicate professionally.

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Workplace Languages has corporate languages solutions to help you close the communication gap at your company. Online & onsite / in-person language training is available 24 / 7 / 365. And we offer over 200 languages for your written translation, voiceover and over-the-phone interpretation needs.

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The Benefits of Business English

The ability to effectively communicate in business English is a huge asset to many organizations and their workforce. Some key benefits of clear Business English communication include:


Improves communication with clients


Better international business relationships


Increases workforce productivity


Enhances skills in Business Negotiations, Meetings & Presentations

How Can Workplace Languages Help?

At Workplace Languages, we’ve been offering Workplace English (ESL) and Business English classes for over 22 years to clients in a wide range of industries.

We understand the importance of English in the business world and how this can help drive an organization to success. Our corporate language training is tailored to your industry and designed to help business executives gain confidence in English where it is most relatable to the job, company, and industry in which they operate.

Workplace Languages offers comprehensive English language and culture training customized to meet the language goals of the organization and business executive.

For more information on how Workplace Languages can help your organization with Business English lessons, tailored to your specific needs, request a free quote today.

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