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A company’s brand is its identity. Many businesses go to great lengths – and spend a lot of money – to make sure their brand is communicated clearly and consistently to consumers. With marketing departments working overtime to maintain brand integrity, companies often overlook one of the biggest threats to their brand – their own employees.

In one way or another, all your employees impact the way customers perceive your brand. Whether they’re communicating with customers directly or working behind the scenes, your employees are your strongest brand ambassadors. If they’re not trained to promote your brand in every customer interaction, they can undo even the best branding campaign. This can be particularly challenging when working with customers and employees with limited English proficiency. Company leaders must take a proactive approach to ensure their brand is communicated properly in any language.

Whether you’re entering a new global marketplace or opening up a manufacturing facility in another country, your custom language training will help you protect your brand. And remember, your brand isn’t just about your logo or tagline. It includes many details of communication, including the use of specific words to describe your products’ benefits, your business organization, and more.

Custom language training is multi-faceted. First, it should include online and onsite language training courses that take place in your business. Second, in order to protect your brand, your language training must be developed specifically for you. Buying some off-the-shelf language program won’t serve your needs. Lastly, the program should include collateral materials with key terms and phrases specific to your company.

Custom Language Training Solutions from Workplace Languages

By implementing custom language training focused on brand integrity and your business needs, you’ll find that your branding message can work in any language. For all customized language programs and bilingual products, we conduct an in-depth needs assessment which involves touring your facility, creating surveys, and job shadowing. Contact us today for more information.

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