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With onsite language training from Workplace Languages, our professional language instructors deliver customized training at your location at any convenient time for you and your team. Onsite learning courses provide an added benefit of face-to-face interactions. Our professional onsite language training instructors follow a grammar-less approach to meet the learners’ needs in a stress-free and fun environment.

Workplace Spanish Classes

Onsite Spanish Classes

Our onsite / in-person workplace Spanish helps employees gain confidence speaking Spanish at work, increases productivity, and improves communication with co-workers and clients.

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Onsite Language Training from Workplace Languages

Onsite English Classes

Our onsite training for ESL employees includes work-specific dialogue, role-playing, conversational skills, oral practice, pronunciation help, and suggestions to continue learning outside the classroom.

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Workplace Language Course

Lunchtime Language

Our Lunchtime Language course is designed for today’s busy professionals. We’ll come to your location and teach our Survival Spanish (or any language needed) during your company’s lunch hour.

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Our Onsite Language Training Process

We follow a collaborative process to ensure that your online or onsite course exceeds your expectations.

Needs assessment

Prior to the onsite language training course, we conduct an assessment to identify the specific language needs of the participants. This assessment is critical to create the customized language training course that will facilitate fast and efficient learning. Part of the needs assessment includes a survey for all participants that to at least 3 weeks before the course begins.

Curriculum development

The curriculum for your Workplace Languages course is focused on providing participants the skills and confidence they need to communicate more effectively at work. Your onsite language training course will be based on both a work-specific and conversational curriculum, customized to meet the specific needs of your company.


Participants will be given written feedback on their performance during the course to ensure they are progressing toward their goals.


After delivering the onsite language training course, we will review the progress made and the learning outcomes with each student to identify any opportunities for improvement.

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