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Subtitles Reach a Larger Audience

Subtitling translation is a must for companies looking to expand their brands.

Workplace Languages is a leading multilingual subtitling company. Add multilingual subtitles to a variety of content, training videos, corporate and educational videos, e-learning projects, promotional videos and much more.

Whether you have one video or many, we are here to help. You’ll get an affordable, stress-free and an all-inclusive subtitling solution. Workplace Languages has built a network of global professionals but you’ll be assigned one project manager that will be there to deliver exactly what the project specifications call for.

Adding subtitles to any audio-visual media provides a written platform that can be easily understood by the people in your target markets. It also helps those with hearing disabilities and anyone wanting to understand audio content. Subtitling can open the door to international markets by breaking down language barriers while being culturally aware and enhancing the way your information is shared.

Multilingual subtitling is often associated with entertainment like movies and TV shows, but it can serve many industries. For example, non-native English language speakers use closed captioning and multilingual subtitling services to learn English as a second language and improve their speaking and comprehension skills.

Appeal to Different Cultures

The average viewer can read three words per second and generally needs about four seconds to read two lines of subtitles containing 12 words or approximately 70 characters.

Subtitling conveys a message tailored to appeal to a specific culture. Some English words may not have direct equivalents in other languages. There may be a need for more words to get across your message. Some English words require a lengthy description instead of a direct translation and other words have completely different meanings in other languages.

Why Do You Need Subtitling?

Subtitling can be an effective tool to increase your market share and reach potential new customers. Translate your message into many languages to reach target markets, generating worldwide interest in your product and business.

Producing a video can be expensive, especially if you want a high-quality result. Costs include hiring a crew, equipment rental, and post-production. Subtitling is an efficient way to make those dollars go further by making your video accessible to target markets around the world; a great way to reach a wider audience.

Subtitling can allow you to build credibility and a positive public relations message as a global company. It proves that you value customers in other regions and can also protect your international brand by effectively communicating your intended message in local languages to target markets around the globe.

Multilingual subtitling translation can also increase your visibility online, especially since search engines have become better at helping people find desired information. By providing high-quality content, your company can rank higher on Google, particularly if you are trying to rank in a foreign language.

Top 10 Benefits of Multilingual Subtitling



Subtitles can provide clarity and local meaning to help viewers enjoy TV shows and movies, including stories with technical terminology.


Subtitles can help students score higher in reading comprehension such as reading speed, fluency, and vocabulary acquisition.


Bilingual Education:

Subtitles can be valuable to anyone learning a new language whether an educational program or watching a foreign film with subtitles.


Subtitles make any product accessible to anyone, including the deaf and hard of hearing, anywhere in the world.

Can’t Hear!

Subtitles can be read when people watch something in a loud public environment or sound-sensitive place like a library or work office.

Discovering New Cultures:

Subtitles give viewers an opportunity to experience a culture by listening to the language while reading dialog in their own language.

Communicating Your Brand:

Subtitles can be used to translate your product like a podcast in several languages.

Repurposing Your Content:

Subtitles can allow you to reach more people using the same content.

Improves Your SEO:

A You Tube video can use subtitles to make it easier for people to discover your videos, improving your SEO.


Legal Issues:

Subtitles can help you adhere to laws like the communications and disability acts.

Workplace Languages

We are in a prime position to offer multilingual subtitling translation services for all your audio-visual projects in over 200 languages.

Our translators are fully vetted and use specialist software to transcribe every nuance and time captions accurately. For video, our translators use dialogue to express the emotion viewers are seeing on screen and help them understand a particular scene.

We Do It All!

Our team of language specialists produce optimum subtitles with the necessary expertise for your videos, broadcast media, and other organizational need. Target and connect with your audience and make your brand accessible.

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