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Let’s do lunch! Actually, you eat – we teach. The Lunchtime Language courses from Workplace Languages are designed for today’s busy professionals. We’ll come to your company and teach Survival Spanish (or any language needed) onsite / in-person or online over your company’s lunch hour.

This offering is different than our eight-week or ten-week onsite or online language training. This is a “down and dirty” 60-minute session 2X per week for 5 weeks. Ten total hours of instructional hours. This is a good way for a client to “test the waters” by only making a ten-hour commitment rather than 20 or 24 total hours. All languages are offered. And we welcome any industry as well.

The Lunchtime Language course is customized giving your organization the specific vocabulary and phrases it needs to communicate effectively on the job.

Workplace Languages offers more than just Spanish. Our motto is, “Any Language. Any Industry. Any Time.” And we mean it!

These 60-minute workplace language sessions are upbeat, fun, and informative. Workplace Languages never puts anyone on the spot and we never overload / overwhelm you with grammar. It is truly a relaxed environment that all participants will enjoy this unique language course.

Benefits of Our Lunchtime Workplace Language Course


Participants are taught a functional language that can be used immediately.


Industry, company & job-specific materials designed for your company.


Not a “canned” product. We take the time to learn about your business.


Lunchtime Language zero-stress classroom environment.


Provides pronunciation guides and audio downloads.

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