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Enhance Your Brand with Multilingual Voiceovers

Voiceovers may be one of the most overlooked parts of your business. Versatile voice artists can adapt their voices to fulfill the requirements of your business scenario. Professional multilingual voiceover services can be used online, on television, and in other media. They help connect a brand with its intended audience. For example, Jennifer Garner asks “What’s in your wallet” in a Capitol One commercial. And there is no mistaking Morgan Freeman’s instantly recognized voice in his Visa commercials.

But you don’t need Hollywood’s top celebrities for your company multilingual voiceover needs. A professional voiceover in another language can be used for your company’s marketing campaigns, internal training, and instructional products. The goal is to tell your brand’s story and explain the benefits to your customers in whatever language they’re most comfortable with. A professional multilingual voiceover can present your product in the best possible light and trigger instant recognition.

Our teams have a wealth of experience managing multilingual voiceover projects and will always find the perfect voice for your target audience and brand. We only work with native-speaking voiceover talent and only use professional recording studios to ensure the clearest sound and production quality. Our project managers work with a diverse roster of voiceover talent to find the right accent, dialect and gender to meet the needs of any project. And we’ll deliver your files in the format you need and ensure that the content syncs perfectly with your video.

Find the voiceover talent that is right for you, especially if you want to reach a certain demographic in a specific language. A millennial voice over can relate to that generation’s need for your products and services in the target consumer’s native language. Using multilingual voiceover services is an opportunity to record audio work for commercials and entertainment, including gaming, movies, cartoons, podcasts, and live events. Audiobooks in other languages are popular and a chance to communicate your brand, especially when people are stuck in traffic or relaxing at home.

Why You Need Multilingual Voiceover Services

One of the biggest advantages of using voiceover talent in other languages is to make your brand recognizable and familiar to new and existing customers in the global marketplace. People are more likely to remember words when spoken in their native language. It is easier to remember your product when people hear a familiar language, connecting your brand to their world.

Multilingual voiceover services can help your customers learn about your products and services faster and better. Studies show that vision and hearing stimulus can speed learning of visual information.

With so much content competing for their attention, people can quickly forget your message. It is a good idea to repeat a great campaign using voiceover services in your target audience’s most familiar language. This reinforces your message, making your customers more likely to retain the information you are trying to communicate.

Top 10 Benefits of Voiceover Services


Commercials are a proven commodity to enliven your content.


Scripts can be written to convey the message you envision.


A great voiceover in another language can elevate your business in a competitive market.


Voiceover talent who are native language speakers in the country you’re targeting will sound more natural and presentable to your audience.


Your story can be narrated to make it more engaging.


Voiceover talent excel at connecting with your intended audience in whatever language they speak.


Multilingual voiceover services can help the audience understand your story’s narrative and help them engage with your video.


Use localized talent to convey your message to its appropriate audience.


Voiceover talent know how to hold your viewer’s attention and convey emotion or humor.


Voiceovers will attract more attention online.

Workplace Languages

We offer multilingual voiceover services and audio and professional translation services in over 200 languages. You can find the perfect voice to represent your specific product and service in the language you need.

With our professional multilingual voiceover services, you will receive:

  • Full multimedia expertise.
  • Complete facilities.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Proven track record.
  • Reliable results.
  • Dedicated project management.

Our multilingual voiceover artists are native speakers and professionals that can create your message in any language you need. We cover all languages and dialects. Look forward to the highest quality audio with every detail clearly and accurately pronounced. Our project managers supervise all recording sessions in the studio, offering a critical second opinion and ensuring proper tone and accent is delivered to capture the feel of your message.

We Do It All!

Our full-service production services offer you expertise in voice over, graphics, multimedia, and video production services. For example, we have more than a decade of experience providing Spanish-language voices for company websites, radio and tv commercials, dubbing, and training videos. We can deliver a finished product in any format via Box, Dropbox or uploaded to your FTP site.

We care about meeting the highest standards, guarantee the highest quality and are not satisfied until you are.

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