5 Reasons To Choose Over The Phone Interpretation for your Business

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Businesses face challenges when expanding their business both nationally and internationally in ever-changing diverse markets. Many businesses are now targeting non-native English-speaking audiences, but in order for this to be successful, they need content that is tailored to the target audience’s needs. More and more, businesses will choose over-the-phone interpretation to expand effective communication to these growing markets.

In order to target these international markets successfully, translated content that meets the local needs really is the most effective way to break through the language barrier. An onsite interpreter for face-to-face interactions may seem an effective option, but there are other convenient, cost-effective solutions for engaging in multi-language conversations. When you choose over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), for example, you’ll be able to call a third-party member that is able to interpret in your desired language as and when required.

If you are in a position where you are looking for language services, including the best interpreting options for your business, here are 5 five reasons why you should consider OPI interpretation.

#1 Convenience

In contrast to other methods, over-the-phone interpretation doesn’t require the professional to be in the office physically whenever you require their services.

When an interpretation is required, it will just involve simply dialing the required number to speak to the interpreter directly. The conversation you are having can carry on just like you were talking directly as the interpreter tweaks the necessary pauses as they convey the message.

Dealing with time zones can be a vital challenge if you’re dealing with international customers or clients. This is where OPI is convenient, as it offers the convenience of 24/7 services that accommodate various schedules and international time zones.

#2 Cost Effective

When using over the phone interpretation services, one of the biggest benefits for many businesses is the costs associated with the service. Generally, OPI services are charged by the minute and so you are only paying for what you use rather than a minimum charge or retainer for the interpreter.

Being able to use a service as and when required and only paying for the services used is a big plus. This allows companies to avoid paying expensive fees to an in-house interpreter which they have to pay whether the interpreter is needed or not. Companies are then able to budget for this work more effectively as it’s much more cost effective.

#3 Confidentiality

In some specialized fields, having an interpreter with the right qualifications is a must-have to comply with privacy regulations.

Whether the language service provider follows industry-specific standards or has its internal policy to ensure complete confidentiality, you can be confident that any details shared during the interpretation will remain confidential.

#4 Flexibility

If you are in a scenario where a potential customer or collaborator is asking for a last-minute meeting in order to meet a deadline, choose over-the-phone interpretation. OPI will allow you the convenience and flexibility to instantly accommodate your non-English associates or customers on-demand.

OPI allows you to be extremely flexible with scheduling of meetings and appointments, as you know the service is always ready and available. This way, there is no requirement to schedule ahead of time for over-the-phone interpretation or invest in additional expensive equipment.

#5 Language On Demand

Many companies are able to identify the most common languages spoken in their target audience, but from time to time there may be a requirement to use other languages. There may be a specific need for communicating in alternative languages in other countries, for example. When using OPI, many providers offer a wide variety of language pairs you can immediately access, usually providing bicultural interpreters that can seamlessly communicate the intended messages both ways.

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