10 Strategies for Boosting ROI in Workplace Language Training

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Boost Your Workplace Language Training Return

Effective communication between coworkers, managers, and teams greatly improves workplace productivity. Language barriers are one of the biggest obstacles in today’s global workforce. In this article, we’ve compiled ten steps to help you maximize your workplace language training return on investment.

1. Complete a Language Needs Assessment

Start by thoroughly understanding your business’s language needs. Identify which languages are relevant for your employees, determine which departments require language training, and specify the proficiency levels necessary for their roles.

2. Find the Right Language Training Provider

Choose a reputable provider for workplace language training. Look for experience, a proven track record, and flexible training options. Depending on your requirements, check if they offer in-person and online training to accommodate different learning preferences.

3. Set Clear and Realistic Goals

Define clear, demonstrable goals for language training. What are you looking for your employees to achieve? Perhaps it’s improving customer service, expanding into new markets, or simply enhancing communication within the workplace. Setting specific goals helps you track progress and measure the success of your workplace language training program effectively.

4. Tailor the Training to Your Industry

Generic language training is less effective than industry-specific programs. Opt for a provider who can help you tailor your workplace language training program(s) to fit your industry. While the basics of the language are similar in all contexts, employees can accelerate their learning at the intermediate level by focusing on industry-specific vocabulary and phrases.

5. Encourage a Learning Culture

Workplace language training promotes a culture of learning within your organization; encourage it further by providing resources like language learning apps and practice materials, giving employees multiple options to achieve their language goals. Recognize and reward progress to motivate your workers, creating a sense of accomplishment when they reach their targets.

6. Promote On-the-Job Language Practice

Language skills improve with regular practice. Encourage employees to use their new skills during meetings, emails, and customer interactions. Being embarrassed by mistakes is a key barrier to language advancement and can create a confidence gap. So, work to boost language confidence by praising all efforts to use the target language.

7. Monitor and Evaluate Training Progress

Regularly assess the progress of your workplace language training program and actively seek feedback from participants. It’s crucial to understand both how employees are experiencing the program and its overall effectiveness. If any issues arise, you can work with your training provider to make timely adjustments to improve the training.

8. Leverage Innovative Technologies

Utilize new technology to enhance and support workplace language training when appropriate. There are increasingly more resources available to support learning. Online platforms, interactive apps, and advanced AI tools offer exciting new learning experiences. Some technologies even provide a sense of immersion, such as video calls with native speakers or games in the target language.

9. Enhance Language Skills with Ongoing Training

Language learning is continuous. Provide ongoing workplace language training and advanced courses to help employees maintain and enhance their skills. Regular refreshers can keep their proficiency high and even improve their fluency over time.

10. Measure ROI for Strategic Insights

When measuring the ROI of your workplace language training program, be sure to analyze metrics such as improved communication and increased customer satisfaction. While not everything will be reflected in the numbers, you can assess— over time— whether the training investment is influencing the company’s overall value in a positive way.

Professional Language Training Services by Workplace Languages

These are just a few of our top tips to maximize the ROI of workplace language training. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, starting with a reputable provider and fostering an environment encouraging everyone to learn and use their target language are key initial steps. At Workplace Languages, it’s all in our name – we specialize in enhancing productivity in the workplace through effective language training and comprehensive language services. Investing in language learning can make your employees happier and more effective communicators. Achieve better business outcomes and maximize the impact of your language training by exploring our comprehensive suite of other language services—and get ready to usher in a more inclusive, communicative workplace.

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