What Are Your Language Strategy Goals?

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Whether you’re a global merchandiser competing for business around the world or a local business with employees from different cultural backgrounds, the goals of your language strategy should follow a common theme. A language strategy is what you do to break through language barriers that interfere with your business, no matter what they are or where they come from.

Top 5 Language Strategy Goals

#1 – Boost employee morale. When your language strategy is inclusive of the needs of all your employees, morale will increase. Most employees are eager to learn another language or improve their English, and when they see you willing to invest in their growth, they’ll pay you back with loyalty.

#2 – Improve customer service. Everything you do to improve teamwork in your organization will trickle down to your customers. Language training is no exception. When communication improves within your team, processes are followed more diligently and efficiency goes up. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and repeat business.

#3 – Gain a competitive edge. No matter your industry, business is global. Having a solid language strategy can set you apart from your competition. Even if you only do business locally, studies have shown that more than half of employees in customer service and sales positions report that language training helped them better serve their customers.

#4 – Attract new employees. As more and more millennials enter – and take over – the workforce, language training is becoming a more important job perk. Today’s employees want to expand their skills, and learning about different languages and cultures is at the top of their list.

#5 – Increase productivity. The most important goal your language strategy should strive to achieve is to increase productivity. When your staff members can communicate better, their productivity increases. It really is that simple. Lead by example – have your learning strategy start with you.

Language Strategy Consultations

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