The 3-Pronged Approach to Workplace Language Learning

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Workplace language learning is evolving and has become an extremely valuable development for employees in today’s global market. It can benefit the employees, the company, and the clients in opening up communication where barriers once existed and allows for creating new connections and building stronger relationships.

Corporate language learning integration into the workplace is growing every year. How you can integrate it into your company can be done in various ways. You want to be able to provide value to all types of learners in your organization. Every individual has a specific way that works best for learning.

The 3-pronged approach involves using three methods, workplace language group classes, 1-on-1 language coaching, and customized eLearning language modules. Using the 3-pronged approach to workplace language learning can open up the opportunity for everyone to succeed.

#1 Workplace Language Group Classes

 Integrating workplace language group classes allows employees to learn a new language together and improve critical social skills by communicating and learning the desired language. It can increase engagement and boost their confidence as they expand their language skills. Group language classes can be a more cost-effective, convenient, and interactive way to integrate language learning into the workplace and helps learners who benefit more from working in a group environment.

#2 1-on-1 Language Coaching

Learning a new language can be challenging. Utilizing a 1-on-1 language coaching program can help employees who may need a little more individual attention and are more hesitant to ask for help or ask questions when in a group class setting.

A 1-on-1 approach is a more personal way of learning as the teachers can adjust the pace and teaching style to more fit with each individual needs of each student. Students have more opportunities to ask questions, focus more on areas they struggle with, and spend less time going over areas they understand. Language coaching can help students make the most out of their language learning time.

#3 Customized eLearning Language Modules

With how fast technology has evolved, it’s no surprise many people have turned to eLearning as a viable option to learn new skills. Customized eLearning language modules are a unique way to meet the needs of many of your employees that prefer to learn in an online learning environment. It not only provides the course essentials but is customized to align with your specific organization’s goals and training needs.

Customizing eLearning can benefit language learning in the workplace by providing an adaptive learning environment that uses technology to monitor students’ progress and customize their learning paths in real-time. Language learning is made faster with advanced technology that helps your employees reach their language goals in shorter times and cut down on the cost of time and development, allowing them to be able to utilize their skills in the real world much sooner.

Opening the workplace to integrate language learning can help break down communication barriers and provide a way for employees to enjoy personal growth and development. The 3-pronged approach to language learning in your workplace can help your employees learn to communicate more effectively with their coworkers and with global clients faster and more efficiently.

Workplace Language Learning

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