5 Proven Ways Corporate Language Training Improves Employee Engagement

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In order for any company to compete in a domestic or global market, it must have the right tools and qualities. Generally, this includes a great leadership team, strong finances, and a clear marketing strategy. But the key to ensuring the company operates effectively in these departments all comes down to collaborative employee engagement.

The engagement of employees who work within a company is without question the essential tool of any business but is commonly overlooked. Disengaged teams are less profitable, less productive, and lack loyalty to their company. Financially this can have a burden on a company too as the cost of turnover works out to be more than the annual salary of any employee who quits the organization.

Engaged teams have a higher customer satisfaction rating, with a noticeably improved profitability and higher productivity. It’s vital that companies take note and understand how effective employee engagement is and should be a top priority for any top organization.

Language Training To Improve Employee Engagement

In order to invest in your employees you have to give them the proper tools to do their job. Workplace frustration can root in defective equipment, difficult-to-use software, and outdated laptops or desktops. By providing your employees with new and improved equipment, less time is wasted, with your employees more likely to be motivated to work each day.

Another important step is to increase employee engagement by providing corporate language training. It is a form of personal development that is dedicated to enriching the language capabilities and fluency of your employees. Training can be conducted both onsite or online through customized courses with your company goals in mind.

5 Ways Language Training Improves Engagement

#1 Improves the employee life professionally and personally

Learning a foreign language is an employee perk that can bring professional and personal improvements in many aspects. Corporate language training can offer rich and multilanguage experiences, develop soft skills and life skills, and increase the understanding between cultures on many levels, once the workers who receive the training are able to communicate better and share experiences with a more diverse group of people inside and outside of the workplace.

#2 Enhances employees confidence

Learning a new language can boost employees’ confidence in the workspace, as the Rosetta Stone research stated. 70% of employees who receive corporate language training feel more confident when working with teams, partners, and vendors since they are able to communicate better, create more connections and solve problems more effectively.

#3 Improves the performance and productivity

Language training for employees also improves the performance and productivity of the teams. Once the workers don’t have the language barriers to get in the way of communication and are more prepared to deal with work processes.

#4 Promotes a more inclusive work environment

Businesses that offer language training promote a more inclusive work environment, which also improves employee engagement. Healthy interpersonal relationships are extremely important for an optimized work dynamic, especially when you have a multicultural team working together. Therefore, implementing language training programs can be very beneficial for employee engagement.

#5 Increases retention of professionals

Many companies want to have the best professionals in their workforce, and the process of finding and retaining good professionals is not always easy.

That is where having language strategy goals plays an essential part in guaranteeing the retention of great talents who are also loyal. 58% of professionals are more likely to stay in the company when given the opportunity to develop new skills, such as language training.

Now you know how beneficial a corporate language training strategy can be for a business. It’s time to consider this method in the employee engagement strategies of your company. Get in touch and know how we can help you!

Looking for a Professional Language Program at your Company?

The next step is to hire a professional language program provider that can help ensure your language goals are achieved with qualified language teachers.

Workplace Languages specializes in language training options for every company’s specific requirements. They provide Online and Onsite Classes that can be scheduled around your busy schedule, with Lunchtime Language and Boot Camp options available.

All Workplace Languages lessons are available at various language levels to accommodate for any industry in any language. Lessons are then tailored to the industry, company, or job-specific needs of your workforce.

Contact Us today for more information so we can understand how we can help your company develop and grow so you can thrive in the international business environment.

Why Offer Workplace Language Courses?

Offering workplace language courses is a fundamental strategy that aims to improve communication in the workplace, by developing communication skills and language learning adapted to the work environment and the company’s needs.

This method is a great way to boost fluency in the languages the company wants the teams to excel in. It also enhances language capabilities through courses and lessons sessions.

Why Adopt a Language Training Strategy?

Being able to communicate with colleagues and clients more effectively is essential in a global company. Therefore, implementing a Corporate Language Training strategy is crucial to business success and employee engagement.

A study led by Rosetta Stone demonstrates that a language training strategy can stimulate employee engagement. The results show that 63% of surveyed learners feel more engaged in their work when being given access to language training.

This strategy can break language barriers, bring a higher sense of community and belonging for the team. As well as boost collaboration and improve communication to a higher and more inclusive level with clients and co-workers.

Check below some ways that language training programs can be effective for your company!

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