How a Language Program Improves Employee Retention

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Training a talented international workforce takes a lot of time, money, and resources to set employees up for success in their hopefully lengthy career at your company. With all the resources invested, focusing on long-term employee retention will help boost your productivity and success.

Employee turnover can be costly and offering benefits such as corporate language training can help incentivize and retain your employees. Improving language skills can be beneficial to offer growth opportunities your employees will appreciate that benefit them both personally and professionally.

Workplaces worldwide are full of rich and diverse cultures and providing a bridge that enables the entire team to communicate effectively can be empowering. It opens up opportunities and creates an inclusive work environment. By providing growth opportunities, employees are more likely to be loyal to their place of work, and employers are able to retain top talent.

Encourage Inclusive Company Culture

Adding a language program can show employees they are valued and that you care to ensure everyone has a voice and can be heard and understood. Many workplaces are dedicated to having a robust program on diversity and inclusion to bridge cultural gaps and bring teams together. Adding language learning can encourage inclusivity and enable a global workforce to work side by side.

Foster Stronger Communication and Collaboration

Language allows people to communicate needs and direction in the workplace. With language learning, communication throughout the company is increased, leading to more effective collaboration cross-functionally between teams. Strong communication skills encourage a more collaborative environment that fosters innovation and productivity. It can increase employee engagement and lead to a happier workforce that stays.

Provides Growth Opportunities

At the personal and professional level, employees who can improve their language skills through a language learning program are provided more growth opportunities. Employees can improve their overall skills within the workplace by learning more, improving their resumes, and more. If employees move to learn a second or third language, they are provided with more travel opportunities that can serve employers well within the growing global economy. Language programs are a growth opportunity that offers a high value to every employee, and therefore improves employee retention.

Increases Confidence

Employees may struggle to break the language barriers if they aren’t fluid in the language the rest of their team speaks. They may not feel confident or even comfortable in their ability to communicate. A Language learning program helps boost confidence throughout the workplace. It allows employees the ability to engage others in the workplace and feel more confident taking on more challenging tasks.

Improved language learning benefits the workplace in addition to the employees. Not only does it improve employee retention by creating happier employees, but it also boosts productivity and workplace performance. With teams able to communicate more effectively, hours spent translating are no longer needed, and the work can get done more efficiently.

When it comes down to it, employee retention is about providing incentives and benefits that appeal to employees’ current needs. The benefits of offering language learning boost employee engagement and confidence.

Happier employees are more likely to stay with their employers for years, even through retirement. Language learning encourages growth opportunities and advancements that can benefit your employees in the workplace and their personal lives. With language training, your employees can hone their language skills to bridge communication gaps and remove language barriers that create an inclusive environment for all.

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