The Ways Language Training Improves Employee Performance

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In the global marketplace today, attaining top employee performance is based on employees being able to communicate effectively and clearly to help achieve overall corporate goals.

In order for businesses to excel there is now an increased demand for companies to adopt a multilingual workforce in today’s digital age. Companies are increasingly seeing corporate language training programs as a great ROI for their workforce that offers huge returns over the long term.

The true power of e-learning has become more and more apparent following the global pandemic, with companies transitioning from on-the-job training to more online training programs. These online programs have been extremely effective in improving both company and employee performance.

A recent study found that e-learning generates 26% more revenue per employee, with an overall increase in company revenue of 42%. With this, the growth of the e-learning industry is up 900% since the year 2000, with the trend set to increase further in the coming years.

So now let’s take a look at the proven areas in which language training helps employees perform better in the workplace:

Increases Confidence

People who complete language training programs are generally more confident in their daily work when interacting with customers and clients. Employees in industries such as Catering, Retail, and Hospitality all report improved levels of confidence in their job following the completion of a language training program. Furthermore, 70% of employees reported that language training helped them communicate more effectively with colleagues, partners, and vendors. As a result, these employees were able to articulate their ideas more clearly and build stronger connections with team members and customers.

Increases Productivity

Employees with strong language skills avoid miscommunication in the workplace, which heavily contributes to inefficiency. Workers that complete language training courses believe that these programs make them more efficient in their work, helping to improve productivity whilst saving on time each week on the job.

Employee Loyalty

As many business owners know, constant turnover can be costly for any business and negatively effects employee performance. It impacts the financial bottom line but most importantly overall team morale. Language training programs have been proven to improve employee engagement and increase the likelihood that the employee will stay with the firm long term. Studies have shown that 58% of workers are more likely to remain with their employer after the completion of effective personal development such as provided language training.

Language training offers huge benefits for US-based and multinational companies. The ROI of customized training can have a great impact on overall company performance, allowing companies to achieve their goals whilst saving on long term costs.

Looking for a Professional Language Program at your Company?

The next step to improve employee performance is to hire a professional language program provider that can help ensure your language goals are achieved with qualified language teachers.

Workplace Languages specializes in language training options for every company’s specific requirements. They provide online and onsite classes that can be scheduled around your busy schedule, including the innovative Lunchtime Language program.

All Workplace Languages lessons are available at various language levels to accommodate for any industry in any language. Lessons are then tailored to the industry, company, or job-specific needs of your workforce.

Contact Us today for more information so we can understand how we can help your company develop and grow so you can thrive in the international business environment.

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