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Corporate Language Solutions

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Customized Business Language Solutions

Workplace Languages, a St. Paul, Minnesota based company, has been providing business language solutions since 1998. We are a true partner and will meet all of your company’s language-related needs. Workplace Languages differentiates itself through our customer service, pricing, and a proven track record of delivering results for over 20 years.

No matter the business language solution offered, the core values will always remain the same for Workplace Languages. Relationships with corporate language clients and partners will always be the foundation of our business. Unparalleled customer service, affordable pricing, and return on investment are all staples with every client and every project.

Workplace Languages will meet all the goals your company has for its business language solutions. From translations and over-the phone interpretation to language classes and bilingual training products, Workplace Languages is your full-service language provider.

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Workplace Languages has corporate languages solutions to help you close the communication gap at your company. Online & onsite / in-person language training is available 24 / 7 / 365. And we offer over 200 languages for your written translation, voiceover and over-the-phone interpretation needs.

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Business Language Solutions from Workplace Languages

Professional translations

Professional Translations

We translate your content from one language into another (+200 language combinations). We work with any file format and have a curated network of +500 linguists specialized in different fields.

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Transcreation Services


When your content is highly creative, as in the case of advertising or social media, we offer a very special service called transcreation which involves creatively translating text and making sure it fits your target audiences’ lifestyle and culture.

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Multilingual Transcription


We offer transcription services for interviews, meetings, films, and more. We offer quality video/audio transcription to help convert your audios to text files.

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Do you need language recording services for multilingual productions? We help you choose the perfect voice for your project from our wide range of professional voiceover artists.

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Multilingual subtitling


When you need to prepare your video content for international audiences, we offer the transcription and translation of subtitles.

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Over The Phone Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Our expert over the phone interpreters bridge language gaps, enabling effective multilingual interpreting services and driving better customer experiences.

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Training for Your Industry

Business is global. Business is about people. Do your high-potential employees communicate effectively and confidently enough with colleagues and customers in this highly-competitive, globalized marketplace? Are they poised to lead your organization to greater success?

You need a language partner that specializes in understanding and solving the language and cultural challenges of both English and non-English speakers in today’s diverse organizations. That’s why our suite of business language solutions includes a variety of language training options.

Our online and onsite language training is suited for all employees from entry-level to executives. “Any Language. Any Industry. Any Time.” Language classes are intended to help designated employees gain confidence speaking the target language during their jobs, increase productivity, improve teamwork, and build rapport with an improved ability to communicate and get their point across. With all of our training we eliminate as much grammar as possible with a zero-stress approach.

Our KwikFix™ Language Training Products:

  • Are industry, company and job-specific.
  • Give you only the language you need to communicate.
  • Are customized to meet your company’s specific needs.
  • Have an easy-to-follow pronunciation guide.
  • Improve productivity.

Workplace Languages understands that you don’t want to be a language major or have a lot of free time to perfect the language. You just need to be understood, do your job more effectively, and have employees be more productive. Our KwikFix™ Language Training Products are an easy, effective, and immediate solution to your company’s language issues.

We Work with You to Achieve Your Language Training Goals

Your goal may be to: increase productivity, address safety issues, improve the retention rate or simply lessen the frustration due to miscommunication. Our goal is to help you easily and effectively communicate in whatever language you need. Give our corporate language training and wide variety of language tools the chance to help you “close the communication gap” at your company.

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