The 5 Key Questions a Company Must Ask When Evaluating Translation Agencies

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Today, many companies need a reliable translation agencies. Professional translation services are necessary for many businesses, whether your company is shipping goods internationally or a service-based business interacting with clients in an ever-growing global marketplace.

In order to effectively communicate with clients and customers internationally, it’s important to adopt an effective translation process. If it’s your first time working with a translation agency, you will want to keep a few questions in mind to discuss with an agency before moving forward with their services. To help you get the most out of your translation services, be sure to ask these 5 key questions:

1. What Languages Do You Offer?

If you haven’t worked with translation agencies before, you may not realize how important it is to ask what languages they offer. If you need a document translated from English to Spanish, for example, you will need to clarify which regional variation of Spanish you need and confirm if the agency is able to translate. Here, you will also want to confirm the intention of the document – are they instructions, marketing materials, or guidelines for staff members? Depending on the intention of your content, the translation process may change so it’s important to discuss this with your translation agency.

2. What Formats Are You Able to Deliver?

Depending on your translation needs, you will need to have a conversation with the translation agency about formatting. If you’re looking to fit your translated content on an image, in a PDF file, or an otherwise formatted piece, you will want to discuss this with your translator first. These additional formatting needs factor into the overall cost of the translation service and can impact the time delivered.

3. What Does Your Pricing Look Like?

Overall, most translation agencies base their pricing on the number of words per piece. Even if you only have a couple of pages of content, it will be the word count itself that will largely determine your price.

Other factors will include the format you are looking for, as well as when you need your order delivered. But before moving ahead with their services, it’s always wise to discuss prices first so there is no surprise when the work is complete.

4. What Does Your Delivery Timeline Look Like?

Different translation agencies have varied delivery times depending on languages needed, length of content, and overall translation process. Some agencies leverage technology to help with the heavy lifting of initial translations, while others are done manually completely by humans. Depending on what their overall process is, the delivery timelines will differ. Be sure to communicate your timing needs ahead of moving forward with an agency to ensure they can deliver when you need them to.

5. What Company-Specific Information Do You Need From Me?

Many translation services will incorporate company-specific information, like any trademarks, product names, or industry jargon unique to your company to be included in the text. Additionally, you will need to share any photos and other visuals to be included in the final product for your translation agency to format after the translation has finished. Be sure to ask your translation agency what they need from you to guarantee the best output possible upon ordering.

These key questions will help you to narrow down which translation agency you should move forward with, and how to ensure you get the delivery you’re looking for!

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