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When it comes to choosing a translation agency, one size does not fit all. Whether you’re translating your website, marketing material, training content, or general business documents, your translation agency should be well-matched to your overall language goals. Here are a few things to consider.

Does the agency have a proven translation process?

It might seem like translation is an easy job for someone with mastery of the languages involved. In reality, though, accurate translation is a complicated process. To ensure your material is translated with complete accuracy, it must start with a consultation to understand all the nuances of the project. From there, the translation moves though a step-by-step process that includes rigorous quality assurance checks. The final step in the process – and this is where many translation agencies fall short – is to create a glossary of client-specific terms that develops into a dynamic “vocabulary dictionary” to be used in future translation projects.

What does the agency do to customize their translation service to your needs?

Every business has their own verbiage and use of language that that goes far beyond word-by-word translation. Not only should your translation project be customized for your business, it should be customized for its specific end-user audience. This is critical for the translation project to not only be accurate, but also fully applied.

What other services related to translation can the agency offer?

With today’s reliance on video in social media and other applications, the written word only tells part of your story. When you work with a translation agency that also offers multilingual voiceover services, you can be assured that your written translation projects will be consistent with your voiceover and video projects.

How can the translation agency help you meet your overall language goals?

Translation is only part of a language strategy for your business. If you are in need of translation services, chances are good you also need training to support your multilingual staff or customer base. Working with a translation agency that also provides language training services helps ensure your employees have the language skills they need. Onsite and online language courses, off-the-shelf language training products, and custom training solutions all help ensure you can to meet your overall language goals.


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