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More and more, companies are realizing the positive return on investment they get from training employees with limited English proficiency. These employees, otherwise known as ESL employees or English as a second language employees, are valuable members of your team. Therefore, ESL training ROI isn’t just measured in the quantifiable ways. There’s much more to it than that.

Language Training ROI

ESL training ROI affects your bottom line in many different ways. At Workplace Languages, our training for employees with limited English proficiency focuses on language needs that affect job performance. As students learn more English related to their jobs, the company benefits on multiple levels. First, employees will become more efficient in completing tasks. As ESL employees’ comprehension improves, they are better able to understand procedures and adapt to unexpected changes. Businesses who help employees learn English often also see an overall improvement in workplace safety. These benefits are measurable, but ESL training ROI extends beyond these metrics in very meaningful ways.

When communication improves, teamwork also improves. Participants in ESL courses have reported a deeper sense of belonging within their workplace. Morale improves, which reduces turnover. As students gain confidence in their English skills, they are also better equipped to communicate with customers and handle conflict. These soft skills are just as important as the more measurable benefits of ESL training.

Online & Onsite Workplace English Offerings

Workplace English training is intended to increase the effectiveness of your non-English speaking employees to communicate with supervisors, management, co-workers and customers in the English language. It will also help to better interact with English-speaking guests / clients by closing the communication and cultural gaps, resulting in improved service and understanding of your company’s operations.

Language Training from Workplace Languages

The key to making ESL training effective is to customize it for specific business and industry. At Workplace Languages, we design an entirely custom language program with specific vocabulary and phrases unique to your company. All our courses can be built to accommodate various skill levels and apply to various members of your company. Our onsite or online language courses are available at multiple levels that become more industry, company, and job-specific as they progress. Contact us to learn more.


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