4 Variables To Look Into When Considering Translation Services

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Today, any person can use a wide variety of tools and resources online to translate their texts to another language. When considering translation services, keep in mind that apps such as Google Translate are only effective in isolated situations. However, when it comes to dealing with business-related content, it’s vital companies pay attention to the finer details to ensure optimal results.

Effective translation of content can be the real deciding factor as to whether a business is successful in the local market. In many cases, this can be the make or break in how they convey their message in a new international market. With so much importance, it is recommended that businesses work with a language service provider (LSP) to ensure their message is clear and concise in the new market.

By considering translation services, the certified translators and language specialists can customize the content according to your company and industry on a deadline and to a specific budget. Not all outsourced translation projects are created equal, and for many business owners, they are unclear of the type of translation service they actually need.

The good news is, we have four variables to evaluate when considering translation services.

#1 The Reason For the Project?

Let’s assume your company has already done its data analysis and has found its target audience and language. Ask yourself, do you want to reach new potential clients with a translated website in the language required? Or possibly prioritize reaching out to potential providers in other countries?

In searching for your need for the project, you may find you need to hire a language service provider with their team of technical experts to translate important legal documents. Alternatively, you may prefer to select a translation company with specialized voice overs if you need direct translation while video calling potential clients.

Once you clearly understand the need for the project, this can then help you select the right translation service provider for your company.

#2 The Type of Content You Want To Translate?

The context and purpose determined by your business is the first indicator for guidance, but not the only one. This point is closely related to the previous question, since every type of content will require vastly different approaches to the translation project.

Perhaps in looking for the type of content you wish to translate, you wish to localize your content into specific dialects. Alternatively, there may be a need to translate content with specific industry knowledge and demands, which involves technical terms. In this case, a technical translation expert can really help convey your message across the right way.

#3 Does Your Project Require Testing?

When dealing with mobile apps, websites, or multimedia, you need to work closely with an LSP team that can figure out how the final result will perform.

This happens a lot with the scripting components on the website, where testing is crucial to ensure the resulting translation doesn’t cause any issues. The same goes for printed material that is meant for publication and distribution. In these cases, you should consider running printed tests to ensure everything looks good.

#4 Project Size

Aside from determining the actual budget and rates, the project’s size plays a big role in choosing the right translation service provider.

Some resources like Localization Management System (LMS) or CAT tools are great for big projects, but aren’t if you’re working with small projects. For smaller projects, working with a single translator that manually processes the content and goes through a quality assessment process before delivery should be enough in this scenario.

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