Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Translation Services

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As companies grow and expand their services internationally, they will likely need professional translation services. Depending on their situation, many companies might weigh up the options of hiring an in-house translator versus finding a company to outsource translation services to.

If you are currently trying to decide which makes the most sense for your organization, consider these top five reasons why you should outsource translation projects to a translation service company.

#1 Minimal Training Required

In the process of hiring someone full-time, a company will need to go through the lengthy recruitment and selection process followed by a required training period. This is usually a timely process, as the new employee once selected will need to undertake company-specific training before they can begin their translation work.

Depending on the organization and its operation, this training period can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Alternatively, outsourcing translation work to a professional translation company will allow the work to begin right away with minimum waiting/training time.

In most cases, translation work is typically required within a tight deadline. As such, by outsourcing the work straight away to a professional translation company, many clients are able to benefit from a quicker turnaround time.

#2 Cost-Effective

Hiring an in-house translator either full or part-time requires you to pay them an ongoing salary, and some level of benefits as part of their employment. Many businesses may hire a permanent employee for their translation needs, but find they are not utilizing their services all the time but still paying a full-time salary.

On the flip side, working with a translation company and outsourcing your work when needed saves companies a considerable amount of money. Having the convenience of a translation services company on hand when you need them is certainly a more cost-effective approach, as it allows you to only pay for the work needed. Many companies don’t want the commitment of paying a salary when they can just outsource when needed.

#3 Wider Variety of Services

Hiring an in-house employee for translation services can limit the capacity of what you are able to translate. There are limits to the number of languages and types of translation services one person can do in house. Additionally, translation companies provide much more than just a simple translation. These days, they offer additional services such as transcriptions for digital content, proofreading, and other marketing services.

When outsourcing to a translation company, you are also able to work with a number of translators that are well-versed in the languages you need. The option to outsource to a professional translation company opens the door to a wide variety of other services, which may not be available when hiring just an in-house employee.

#4 Experts in Your Area

Another reason to outsource to translation companies is that these companies are always ready and available to work on literally any project. No matter how big or diverse the project may be or what industry it’s in, a translation company will have team members that are well equipped in the area of need.

Whereas an in-house translation team may be made up of translators that are great at one kind of translation, a company completely dedicated to providing translation services will have a variety of translators who specialize in different types of translation. This way, no matter who their next client is, they can handle the project with ease.

Since their product is the final translation, translation companies will have staff on hand whose job it is to proofread and edit translations. This often doesn’t happen with in-house translation teams, or if it does, there are only one or two people who are in charge of the task.

#5 Higher Quality of Work

By choosing to outsource your translation work to a professional translation company, it’s likely the work done will be of higher quality. Translation companies hire and train professional translators who are able to deliver to the expected high standards of the company.

An expert translator is able to find errors in texts that perhaps other people don’t spot. This can be extremely important when dealing with important legal, financial, or medical translations. In these areas, one bad translation could have damaging effects on all parties involved. Many of these translation agencies use strict translation guidelines and proofreading steps. This helps to ensure that the translation is accurate, consistent, and of high quality.

Businesses need all the support they can get when expanding globally. Opting to outsource translations to an expert language service provider is a decision that can save you a lot of time and money while making sure that the quality of your localization is of the highest quality.

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