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Every business is unique, and that uniqueness weaves its way into every part of the culture. Business communication – both internal and external – is no exception. That’s why we offer custom language programs and bilingual products. When we work with you to create customized solutions, we take the time to get to know your industry, company, and your various employee roles. We want to completely understand the language issues that exist so we can create a custom language solution that truly solves your unique language barriers.

Examples of Custom Language Training and Products

Pocket-Sized Survival Spanish Booklets

As with every product we create, Workplace Languages does extensive research upfront to make sure we are including the key Spanish phrases the company needs to communicate effectively with their Latino staff. Facility tours are taken, questionnaires are passed out and company manuals are reviewed before we start to develop the content. The vocabulary and phrases we come up with are always critiqued by the company before we create the final version. Workplace Languages loves the opportunity to learn more about companies and industries. And these pocket-sized Spanish booklets are a “quick fix” without having to memorize the language. All content that we create includes the English word or phrase, the Spanish translation, and then a pronunciation guide so even individuals who have never spoken a word of Spanish can get their point across.

Onsite ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes

Typically all of our language classes last 8 weeks, 2 times per week, and 1.5 hours per session for a total of three hours per week (24 total hours) of language instruction. Each class focuses on a combination of Conversational English and Work-Specific English that helps each employee get their point across at their job. Class topics range from buying your first house & parent-teacher conferences (life skills) to key functional job-specific words and phrases. Just like with all of our bilingual products, the same research goes into developing each language class we offer.

Survival Spanish for Today’s Workforce Presentation

Sometimes a company or organization doesn’t have the time to meet for numerous sessions. In this one-day Survival Spanish seminar, Workplace Languages gives participants the tools to continue the learning process outside of the classroom. All students come away with a number of “hands-on” materials that can be immediately utilized in the workplace. The same level of customization is applied as in our eight-week sessions.

Every Translation We Do

What do you do, for example, if you are translating for a restaurant chain and all the Latino employees that work there are from different Spanish-speaking countries? Maybe someone from Guatemala, another from Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and so on? Workplace Languages has been translating for the hospitality and other industries for over 18 years now. We understand that everyone says things a little bit differently and it is critical that you produce an end result that is “universal” and 100% understood by all employees. We take the time to learn the company’s terminology and build a translation memory / vocabulary database for each client. This ensures consistency and accuracy in each and every translation.

Are Custom Language Solutions Right for You?

Contact us today for more information about our custom language solutions. We’ll work collaboratively with you to find the best answer to help you close the language gap at your company.

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