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Online language training from Workplace Languages provides the English or Spanish language skills your employees need with the safety and flexibility of online learning. Courses are delivered via Zoom and lead by one of our expert language instructors who specialize in remote learning methodology. All our online language courses are customized for the specific needs of your business and can be built to accommodate various skill levels. Our professional online language training instructors follow a grammar-less approach to meet the learners’ needs in a stress-free and fun environment.

Online Workplace Spanish

Online Workplace Spanish

Our online workplace Spanish course helps employees gain confidence speaking Spanish on the job, which increases productivity, supports better teamwork, and improves overall communication.

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Online English Training

Online Workplace English (ESL)

Our online training for ESL employees includes work-specific dialogue, role-playing, conversational skills, oral practice, pronunciation help, and suggestions on how to continue learning outside of the classroom.

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Business English for Executives

Business English for Executives

Our Business English for Executives online language course helps executives from all industries conduct business in the highly competitive global marketplace by communicating effectively in English.   

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Online US Citizenship Classes

Citizenship Classes

Our online US citizenship preparation workshop introduces employees with Permanent Resident Status (“Green Card”) to the steps in the application process, focusing on requirements from the USCIS.

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Workplace Language Course

Lunchtime Language

Our Lunchtime Language course is designed for today’s busy professionals. We’ll schedule our Survival Spanish (or any language needed) for online delivery during your company’s lunch hour.

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Pronunciation and Accent Reduction Classes

Accent Reduction

The goal of our pronunciation and accent reduction online language course is not to eliminate students’ accents but to improve their confidence and ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

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Workplace Languages has corporate languages solutions to help you close the communication gap at your company. Online & onsite / in-person language training is available 24 / 7 / 365. And we offer over 200 languages for your written translation, voiceover and over-the-phone interpretation needs.

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Our Online Language Training Process

We follow a collaborative process to ensure that your online or onsite course exceeds your expectations.

Needs assessment

Prior to the training, we conduct an assessment to identify the specific language needs of the participants. This assessment is critical to create the customized online language training course that will facilitate fast and efficient learning. Part of the needs assessment includes a survey for all participants that to at least 3 weeks before the course begins.

Curriculum development

The curriculum for your Workplace Languages course is focused on providing participants the skills and confidence they need to communicate more effectively at work. Your online language training course will be based on both a work-specific and conversational curriculum, customized to meet the specific needs of your company.


Participants will be given written feedback on their performance during the course to ensure they are progressing toward their goals.


After delivering your online language training course, we will review the progress made and the learning outcomes with each student to identify any opportunities for improvement.

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