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This workplace English course is intended to help designated ESL employees gain confidence speaking English during their jobs, increase productivity, and build rapport with their improved ability to communicate and get their point across. This onsite language training class includes: work-specific dialogues & role-playing, life skills & conversational, oral practice, pronunciation help & suggestions on how to continue the learning process outside of the classroom.


The onsite / in-person workplace English course will meet 2 times per week for 8 weeks. Each class will be 90 minutes. There will be a total of sixteen 90-minute classes or 24 hours of instructional time.

Courses can be scheduled to take place at a time convenient for your company. Workplace Languages is able to teach 24 / 7.


The curriculum for our workplace English onsite course is focused on providing participants the skills and confidence to communicate more effectively in English. The course is based on both a work-specific and conversational curriculum, customized to meet the specific needs of your company.

Two weeks are needed to create the curriculum and prepare for the course.


Attendance, being on time, participation and completing any homework are all keys to the program’s success.

The participants’ managers &/or supervisors are always welcome to attend the classes and will always have access to the instructors’ lesson plans.


This is probably the biggest differentiator between Workplace Languages and other companies that offer onsite / in-person language classes for companies.

Instructors are selected based on:

  • their experience teaching English to adults in the workplace,
  • their ability to assess individual learning needs and develop appropriate curriculum,
  • their effectiveness in the classroom.
What Is Included With Each Workplace English Course

Our onsite workplace English course includes:

  • a facilitated initial meeting between company and instructor.
  • 24 hours of onsite / in-person instruction (per class) for up to 16 students.
  • specific learning objectives created for each course.
  • customized handouts and materials for each student.
Class Fees

Call Workplace Languages Toll Free at (866) 575-0560 to discuss pricing or request a free quote online.

What We Need Before Starting a Course
  • Preliminary questions / questionnaires returned.
  • 1/3 upfront payment.
  • Facilitate online meeting with instructor / “Meet & Greet.”

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