The Advantages of 1-on-1 Language Coaching

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Learning a new language is no easy task; whether you’re starting out as brand new to a language or have some prior learning experience, a 1-on-1 language coach can unlock the most effective way to support your endeavor. Learning a language in a formal setting helps provide the structure and support that many people lack when learning a language on their own.

Taking things one step further, a personal language coach will bring all the benefits of a traditional classroom environment while also being able to tailor the class specifically to your needs. Here are the 5 biggest advantages to hiring a 1-on-1 language coach:

#1 Teaching Approaches Are Personalized

Some students learn best when they can see things on a paper in front of them while others are auditory learners. In a traditional classroom setting, the teacher cannot always cater to every student’s specific learning preference. With 1-on-1 language coaching, the coach can completely adjust the approach to fit your learning style. This can play a massive role in your ability to absorb the teachings in the long term.

#2 The Pace of Learning Is Customizable

Falling behind in any learning environment can be the difference between a student persevering through tough material and quitting altogether. Since language learning is very comprehensive and requires those learning to use the prior skills learned and build on them, falling behind in a large language class can be very damaging to your progress. If you use 1-on-1 language coaching, you won’t fall behind because you’ll continue to work on the current material until you have an expert understanding before moving on to new material.

#3 Specific Language Use-Cases Are Considered

Perhaps you’re learning a specific language because you’re moving to a country that speaks that language, or maybe you’re trying to get ready for a business position that will require language skills to be successful. The reason someone is trying to learn a language can have an impact on how the language is taught and the vocabulary that becomes a focal point. If you’re learning Spanish for business reasons, the words and phrases that you’ll need to excel in may be different from a student who is learning to live abroad. Sure, the foundation will be much the same, but the ability to tailor a class to the use-case you need is much more difficult in group settings.

#4 One to One Can be Less Intimidating

Getting comfortable speaking a new language requires a bit of confidence; you can’t be so afraid to make a mistake that you refuse to try. Sometimes, in larger language classrooms, students will be too unsure of their skills to feel comfortable speaking with other students who may be at different levels. Often, it’s easier for students to feel comfortable and confident in a personalized learning environment where the speaking happens with just one other person.

#5 Engagement Is as High as Possible

When learning any subject, staying engaged can be difficult when the teacher or coach is talking to another student or involving the class as a group. With 1-on-1 language coaching, you’ll stay engaged out of necessity, leading to a faster learning process and lower chances of feeling “bored” in class. Another aspect of staying engaged is being interested in the teaching materials; personalized classes allow for the coach to focus on topics you are interested in and will have an easier time engaging with.

Fluency Is Just Around the Corner!

Once you start to see the pace of progress that comes out of a 1-on-1 language coaching environment, you’ll know the investment is well worth it. Not only will you enjoy the process that is tailored to your learning styles and preferences, but you might actually learn faster and require less class time overall than you would in a group setting! Talk to our team to get set up with a private language coach today.

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