Uncovering the World of EDI: An Insight into Michelle Brillouet’s Journey

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Michelle Brillouet brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to the field of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). With a Master of Science degree in Education, Media Design, and Technology, she possesses over two decades of expertise in the international education sector, having held positions up to the director level in both private and non-profit organizations.

Michelle’s journey has been characterized by a diverse and multicultural background, having lived in the UK, Europe, and the USA. This international exposure fuels her deep interest in cultures and drives her passion for fostering inclusivity and understanding.

As the founder of Clarity Hive Coaching, Michelle has ventured into the humanitarian sector, leveraging her extensive knowledge and skills to make a positive impact. Her role as an EDI learning facilitator is underpinned by a commitment to creating spaces where individuals can explore and embrace the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Let’s take a look at how Michelle’s unique journey evolved.

The Path of An EDI Coach

Michelle’s colorful journey commenced as a youth worker in the UK, working with young people from marganalized communities. Her early experiences, peppered with insights into different cultures and a love for languages, provided a foundation for her future role as an EDI Coach. Her innocent confusion about the idiom “elbow grease” as a child is more than just a humorous tale. It hints at the cross-cultural nuances she would later delve into, understanding and teaching them.

“I was trying to clean a pan, and someone said, ‘Oh, just use some elbow grease.’ I didn’t know that that was an idiom. So I actually went around asking for elbow grease. I thought it was a cleaning product!”

Michelle then relocated to Miami, where her realization intensified about the varied nuances of the English language, affirming the significant cultural shifts between British English and its American counterpart.

Deciphering EDI

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, though often bundled into a singular term, encompass unique dimensions. Equity ensures every individual, regardless of their learning styles or backgrounds, is given tailored opportunities to succeed. This, combined with recognizing and celebrating diversity, fosters an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.

“Equity is not that everyone has the same. It’s catering to the different needs to ensure that we can level the playing field as opposed to, ‘Right, everyone climb this tree,’ when you might have flippers, for example. Random metaphor, but it works.”

Clarity Hive Coaching: An EDI Crusade

Progressing from classroom teaching to coaching was an organic transition for Michelle. Clarity Hive Coaching emerged from her keen observation, deep listening, and natural inclination to guide individuals. With a specialization in coaching humanitarians from marginalized communities, Michelle’s sessions are more than mere coaching—they are spaces of profound introspection and discovery.

“ I offer a tiered approach for people who might not have the means to pay for private coaching. I offer reduced rates to ensure that they can get the coaching they need. Again, that’s that sort of equity part of it.”

An Exciting Collaboration: Workplace Languages

Michelle’s collaboration with Workplace Languages was serendipitous. An old teacher and now friend introduced Michelle to the organization, marking the beginning of a fruitful relationship. Both entities, with their extensive experience in the EDI domain, found commonality in their mission to merge cross-cultural communication with EDI principles.

“You can learn a language that is written in a book, but real language acquisition is a bit deeper than just the vocabulary and understanding the grammar. It’s, again, those nuances—the context and the cultural references.”

Technology and the Future of EDI

Michelle’s background in education, media design, and technology ensures that she is poised to incorporate the latest technological tools into her coaching. From leveraging AI to aiding neurodivergent individuals to harness corpus linguistics, it seems technology serves as a potent ally in her mission.

 “If we use AI as a tool as a virtual assistant, it has been a great help to those who are neurodivergent to understand things more cohesively as opposed to when they’re trying to decipher massive chunks of text.”

The Road Ahead

Michelle envisions a bright future with Workplace Languages. She’s keen on intensifying their joint efforts in organizing learning sessions on cross-cultural communication, helping learners grasp cultural nuances, and facilitating their personal and professional growth.

Connect with Michelle and Workplace Languages

Michelle Brillouet is not just a name. She’s a symbol of dedication, passion, and commitment toward a world where Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion aren’t mere buzzwords but are woven into the fabric of society. You can connect with Michelle and dive deeper into her world through her website, www.clarityhive.org. Alternatively, find her on LinkedIn under “Michelle Brillouet” or “Clarity Hive.”

In an era where the world feels increasingly divided, voices like Michelle’s are essential bridges, bringing cultures, communities, and individuals together and ensuring that the world is a place where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

To find out more about the various services that Workplace Languages offers and how they can help you, visit www.workplacelanguages.com.

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