4 Key Ways Your Company Benefits from Accent Modification Training

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The need for effective English business communication skills is increasing as web conferencing, public speaking, team building, and hiring continue to accelerate in our international workforce. Clear, effective communication in the workplace is essential for successful interactions between co-workers, employees, and management, as well as between employees and customers or clients.

For nonnative English speakers, learning correct English pronunciation can be one of the most challenging, yet critical, aspects of successful English communication in the workplace. The focus of accent modification is to teach non-native English speakers accurate English speech sound pronunciation, as well as accurate English stress, intonation, linking, and speech rate so that they are able to intelligibly and confidently communicate in English. A company who values and invests in their employees’ development of optimal English business communication skills will reap the rewards of:

Increased Employee Retention

Improving an employee’s ability to communicate successfully and intelligibly will increase his or her comfort, confidence, and success within your organization. An employee who feels invested in and valued by their employer is more likely to remain with an organization (reducing turnover) and with a higher level of productivity. At the management level, the manager’s ability to be clearly understood will also result in increased retention of employees under their management.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Effective, understandable communication is at the heart of customer satisfaction. Companies often look to “the outside” for opportunities to increase their revenue; however, companies can significantly improve their business and their bottom line by providing language training that improves communication with customers.

Professional Development

When your company offers accent modification training, it will be better positioned to meet future challenges and readily capitalize on the talent already within your organization by helping employees improve their business English skills.  Your employees will be better equipped to advance in their careers to positions of greater responsibility allowing for promotion from within your company, which in turn reduces training costs and recruiting fees.

Increased Profit

Effective teamwork, successful employer/employee relations, successful employee/customer relations, sharing new ideas, valued employees and satisfied customers – when communication improves in the workplace, everyone benefits and your business is likely to see improved customer relations and increased profit.

Looking for Professional Accent Modification Training?

Workplace Languages offers pronunciation and accent modification training via live web-based conferencing, individually or in small groups. Following an initial speech analysis, individualized training programs are developed to specifically target those areas that will have the most impact on your employees’ English business communication skills.

To learn more about Workplace Languages and our accent modification program, contact us today.

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