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Learning a new language can be incredibly challenging. You can work to improve your language skills in many ways, such as group language learning or online language learning. While group and eLearning have many benefits, choosing to opt into 1-on-1 language tutoring can significantly impact your language learning success. Here are some reasons to choose 1-on-1 online language tutoring.

1-on-1 Language Tutoring Is Individualized

Learning in a group has unique benefits, but the teacher has to focus on everyone in the class to ensure they are successful in their learning. They have to make sure the lessons and resources are appropriate for where each student is in their knowledge. With individualized tutoring sessions, your lesson plans are structured and designed to your learning style. When you have a personalized lesson, your learning capabilities are optimized to help you learn the language efficiently.

You Can Focus More on Areas Where You Struggle

Because the language tutoring sessions are tailored to how you learn best, your 1-on-1 online language coach can help you focus more on breaking through in areas where you’re stuck. Learning a language requires learning how certain words function with others and how to use grammar properly, and some concepts are easier than others. When you can focus on the areas you struggle with instead of spending time on areas you’ve already mastered, you can make the most of your time learning a new language.

Experience a Deeper Level of Engagement

With 1-on-1 language tutoring, your teacher is there to work directly with you. You can ask them questions without having to wait and worrying about interrupting or slowing down the class pace. You also receive more practice by communicating with your teacher and are more likely to be engaged in helpful practices and exercises.

More Practice Time In 1-on-1 Tutoring

With the advantage of working individually with your teacher, you can practice more verbal communication than you would in a traditional group setting. Teachers can pay closer attention to pronunciation, discuss the grammar more in-depth, and check for understanding. Having an increased chance to work on verbally executing lessons allows teachers to be able to provide direct feedback and constructive criticism that can help you correct errors quickly before they set in as a habit.

1-on-1 Tutoring Sessions Are Less Intimidating

Learning in a classroom setting can be intimidating. You may begin to compare yourself to others, worry about your abilities, and be more reluctant to participate. In a 1-on-1 session, you only have to focus on working with your teacher. It can make you feel more comfortable and allow you to focus more on the lesson.

You Learn at Your Pace

When you learn a language in a classroom setting, there may be lessons that you struggle with more than others. If the teacher continues to advance the class, you may struggle and start to fall behind, and comprehending the language may become more challenging. With a language tutor, you can continue to work on what you need without falling behind because you get to advance when you are ready.

Learning with a 1-on-1 coach is an enjoyable experience and can be set up as a complementary lesson to eLearning and group classes. 1-on-1 language tutoring allows teachers to address your individual learning style and adjust their curriculum to fit your learning style and needs better so you can master a new language quickly and efficiently.

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