Workplace Languages

Translation Testimonials

“I am definitely spoiled!  You make me look good to my people like I have some magic touch or something!  Maybe I should just hold it back a day or two so they don’t expect me to perform magic all the time???? !!!! (just kidding)”

Lyn Corallo
Senior Communications Specialist

“I wanted to let you know that the meeting with Fede & Alex went extremely well. Alex & I have been impressed with the accuracy & consistency of the translations and your customer service. Thanks!”

Dave Van Verth
Denny’s Training and Operations Support

“I couldn’t be happier with the service and hospitality I have received from Workplace Languages in general.  The work is always thorough, prompt and done in such a professional way.  Most importantly, when I was in a pinch and forgot to send a document, or needed a rush job, WPL was always somehow able to make it happen.  Bottom line:  they make me look good (and that ain’t easy!).”

Director of Training
Del Frisco’s

“Ed, you are a MIRACLE WORKER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!  Thank you so much for your efforts (and I mean EFFORTS) on our behalf!  Please thank your team for getting this done for us!  Great job!!!!”

Rochelle D. Helm
Manager, Communications