Workplace Languages


ESL Training ROI

ESL Training ROI

More and more, companies are realizing the positive return on investment they get from training employees with limited English proficiency. These employees, otherwise known as ESL employees or English as […]

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Language Training for Teams

Bilingual CPR for Team Performance

You and your employees want the same thing. Sometimes it may not seem that way, but it’s almost always true. By and large, employees want to be top performers. They […]

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Custom Langauge Solutions

Why Off-the-Shelf Misses the Mark

Every business is unique, and that uniqueness weaves its way into every part of the culture. Business communication – both internal and external – is no exception. That’s why we […]

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Global market

Preparing Your Business for a Global Market

What does it mean to operate in a global market? Economists say it happens when a company buys or sells goods and services in different countries of the world. Experts […]

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Spanish Speaking Employees

How to Improve Teamwork with Spanish-Speaking Employees

Learning a second language is just plain difficult. Imagine being one of your Spanish-speaking employees and being bombarded on a daily basis with slang such as: “let’s get something on […]

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Translation Agency

A Translation Agency Offering Any Language for Any Industry

When it comes to choosing a translation agency, one size does not fit all. Whether you’re translating your website, marketing material, training content, or general business documents, your translation agency […]

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Learning a new language for business

Learning a New Language for Business

Learning a new language is among the top 10 most common New Year’s Resolutions. As you’re probably already aware, maybe even from personal experience, only about 8% of people follow […]

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Translation Process

Why You Need a Translation Process

Translation is part art, part science. The act of translating a word, phrase, or sentence can seem straightforward, especially today when there’s an app for everything. Just like in every […]

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Translate Your Website

Is It Time to Translate Your Website?

Successful companies rarely make big strategic moves on a whim. They form committees, analyze data, and weigh the pros and cons of major decisions. That same process should be followed […]

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Custom Bilingual Training Solutions

Bilingual Training Solutions for Any Language in Any Industry

In today’s global business environment, you more than likely have bilingual employees as part of your team. While Spanish may be one the most common native languages of your bilingual […]

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