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Spanish Phone Interpretation

Spanish Phone InterpretationWhat is Spanish Phone Interpretation?

Sometimes it is difficult to have an experienced and qualified interpreter come onsite to your company. It can be costly and isn’t always time effective. If you have a Human Resources or disciplinary issue or need policy clarification for one of your Latino employees, Spanish phone interpretation is a cost effective and instant answer.

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How does Spanish Phone Interpretation work?

There are no monthly contracts or minimums required to use Workplace Languages’ telephone interpretation service. We give you and your company your own specific phone number to call into. We email you a confirmation. It’s as easy as that. Pick up your phone and be instantly connected to an experienced and qualified Spanish interpreter.

Pricing for Spanish Phone Interpretation:

$1.25 per minute. No minimum required. Our automated system tracks the number or numbers your company has been assigned.

Hours of Operations are from 7:00 to 9:00 CST

Who are the interpreters?

We have a network of qualified telephone interpreters. If you make more than a few calls a month, you’ll definitely get to know them by name, and they’ll start to feel like a part of your team before long! Our experts are assigned to you based on knowledge of subject manner.

Our guarantee to you

  • Consistent access within seconds to the highest quality interpreters available
  • Complete confidentiality…Guaranteed
  • Competitive pricing and rates
  • Dedicated customer service specialists
  • Guaranteed reliability through our state of the art computer and telephone systems
  • Innovative interpreter testing, training, & certification

How do I get started?

Call 866.330.9419 or email us at

We’ll want to schedule an initial free phone call with you to get a sense for your level of interpreting needs, operating hours, nature of the calls you expect, etc. Workplace Languages looks forward to providing you with this service!

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How do I get billed?

We bill for your Spanish Phone Interpretation at the end of the month. All minutes are electrically tracked based on a unique identification number assigned to your company. An email will be sent to you with a detailed invoice attached. Payment terms are 30 days. If other terms are required, please email