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Sometimes, subtitles just won’t do. We have many requests from clients to provide multilingual voiceover for their audio or video projects. A few applications for our voiceover services include:

Training: It’s critical that your video training reaches every employee in the language they understand. As a business, this is for your own good as well as theirs. For example, if safety regulations aren’t completely understood, you could be facing costly worker’s compensation claims. If you can’t prove that you’ve effectively trained your employees on HR issues such as harassment and discrimination, you could open yourself up to costly lawsuits. Accurate voiceover is a must-have to help ensure effective training.

Business development: When you’re looking to grow your international customer prospects, it’s important you speak to them in their native language. Multi-media presentations, demonstration videos, and trade show material are all perfect fits for voiceover translations services.

Marketing: Many businesses have had great success building a YouTube presence. It’s smart marketing, given that YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network. If you want your YouTube channel to attract a international audience, voiceover translation can help you get there.

Voiceover Services from Workplace Languages

At Workplace Languages, our multilingual voice-over artists are all native speakers and professionals who will re-create any message you need in any language you want. We cover all languages, dialects …and just let us know the age range and gender and we’ll send you voice and audio samples. Workplace Languages only returns the highest quality audio with every detail clearly and accurately pronounced. Our Bilingual Project Managers are there in the studio supervising all recording sessions. These Spanish Project Managers provide that critical second opinion and ensure that the proper tone and accent is delivered as well as capturing the message’s “feel.”

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