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Maria Martinez

Workplace Spanish Trainer
Maria is originally from Mexico, and is proud to teach her language and culture to students with Workplace Languages. She has been teaching ESL/Spanish for fifteen years and holds a Master’s in Education from Northcentral University and a B.A. in Spanish from UC Davis. She migrated to California when she was fifteen years old, and has been living in the United States ever since. “I had to learn English to communicate and start my career in the United States. Learning English has given me a better understanding of the process of teaching a foreign language. My personal experience has been a great asset to create curriculum and modify my teaching methods.”

Maria understands that every language learner has different strengths and weaknesses in their learning process. She is committed to offering differentiated instruction in her classes with different opportunities for learners to achieve their language goals in a friendly environment. Learning a language is challenging and requires repetition, dedication, and memorization skills. “I am here to support you all the way and with your full cooperation we will achieve your goals!”

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