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Today’s successful business leaders recognize that reaching out to Spanish-speaking employees in their own language is just as important as helping them learn English. When managers and co-workers work to learn phrases in Spanish, engagement increases and teamwork flourishes. Other benefits include increased productivity, safer conditions, and improved morale. To help employees learn Spanish, use these exercises from our colleague Michelle Buehring, author of the Work into Spanish program.

Grammar Goodness

 Es que.. (Dando excusas a problemas)

In pairs or groups, make up an excuse for each of these problems to present to the class.  Be as truthful or “creative” as you’d like.

  1. Dormí demasiado (I overslept). Es que…
  2. Me quedé atrapado en el tráfico (I got stuck in traffic). Es que…
  3. Se me hace tarde (I’m running late). Es que…
  4. Tengo una emergencia familiar (I have a family emergency). Es que…
  5. Perdí mi voz (I lost my voice). Es que…
  6. Tengo la escuela de tránsito (I have traffic school). Es que…

Dar consejos a problemas

Listen carefully to each group’s presentation, so your group can give advice for one of the excuses.  Again, be as truthful or “creative” as you’d like.

Cool Conversation

What’s in your pocket? Practicando los pronombres directos: “lo” “la” “los” “las”

To practice using the direct object pronouns in Spanish, divide the class into pairs.  Ask students to empty their pockets (or purse) out on the table in front of them. Each student will explain something about each of the objects.  For example, let’s say a student has taken out a set of keys. Model the first student response with “Las llevo en el bolsillo todo los días.”  Other sentences could begin with “la tengo para…, lo guardo  para, lo uso cuando…, los recibió de mi…

Engage the other student by requesting that s/he ask questions about the objects.  “¿Para que las usa?”  or “¿Cuándo lo recibiste?”

Learn Spanish at Work with Work into Spanish

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