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Ed Rosheim

CEO, Workplace Languages
Ed Rosheim is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Workplace Languages, a corporate language training company and international translation agency. Workplace Languages provides workforce-related consulting services to business in the areas of onsite and online language training, the development of customized bilingual tools and translation and over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services. The goal is to help companies effectively close all communication gaps that result in decreased productivity, safety concerns and retention issues.

Ed’s philosophy on language training is to give the individual only what she/he needs to get her/his point across and to build rapport with all co-workers. With all classes grammar is eliminated as much as possible. Workplace Languages understands that you don’t want to be a language major. You just simply need to be understood.

Ed has an MA in Spanish but didn’t take his first Spanish class until he was a sophomore in college! Getting a later start on learning Spanish helped shape his approach and how he and his instructors teach. Ed loves the Spanish language and the Latino culture and has a passion for helping adults who are “in the same boat” as he was not too long ago. Workplace Language has 20 years of experience closing the communication gap at companies quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Ed started his company when he was teaching Spanish at a local community college 20 years ago and a number of local companies in the Twin Cities such as: Target, 3M, General Mills, … would send employees to community college classes to learn Spanish. But three things always happened: 1) there was no chance that the student would learn anything that was industry or company-specific, 2) she/he didn’t have the opportunity to speak much with 20 to 25 other students and 3) the student became so bogged down with grammar that she/he would be reluctant to speak. An individual might walk out of the class being able to say “¿Cómo estás?” or how to order a Margarita in Spanish.  But they never learned what they needed to be successful back at their respective companies. This is why he started Workplace Languages and adopted the company’s “grammar-less” / “give them what they need” approach.

Specialties: Ed has over 20 years of Spanish and E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) teaching experience. Ed has taught on all levels from children to adults – finding a niche in corporate language training having taught onsite at numerous companies in a variety of industries. He now oversees a nation-wide network of 50+ language instructors and an internationally-based network of over 200 translators.

Ed’s expertise includes: bilingual product and service development, customizing curriculum, branding, goal attainment and results measurement. His executive skills include: operational effectiveness, project management, customer satisfaction, marketing, and effective corporate community relations. Ed has also been a national speaker for organizations such as: MPI, NACE, ASTD, CMAA and many others.

Ed and Workplace Languages continue to exceed customers’ expectations. He ensures that partnering with Workplace Languages helps close the client’s communication gap and improves their bottom line.