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Ed Rosheim, Language Training Company owner

Ed Rosheim, Owner

Ed Rosheim is the Owner and President of Workplace Languages, a corporate language training company and international translation agency. Mr. Rosheim and his team provide workforce-related consulting services to companies in the areas of onsite and online language training, the development of customized bilingual tools. and translation services.

Mr. Rosheim started his company when he was teaching Spanish at a Minnesota community college in 1998 and a number of local companies in the Twin Cities, such as Target, 3M, and General Mills, would send employees to community college classes to learn Spanish. Three things always happened:

1) There was no chance that the student would learn anything that was industry or company-specific.

2) She/he didn’t have the opportunity to speak much with 20 to 25 other students and

3) The student became so bogged down with grammar that she/he would be reluctant to speak.

This is why Ed started Workplace Languages, a language training company that adopted a  “grammar-less” / “give them what they need” approach. The goal is to help companies effectively close all communication gaps that result in decreased productivity, safety concerns and retention issues.

Workplace Languages has teams of translators, language teachers and multilingual voiceover talent. Mr. Rosheim specializes in the following:

Survival Spanish for Today’s Workforce Seminar

Customize Your Training and/or Products

Corporate Language Audit

English Proficiency Assessment

Spanish Immersion for Executives in Latin America

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