5 Ways Phone Interpretation is Key in the Manufacturing Sector

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Manufacturing is one of the most important sectors in today’s economy. We rely on it for everything, from clothes and household products to medical equipment and cars. And because manufacturing is a global market, language barriers are prevalent. Lack of translation can slow production and hinder communication, which ultimately affects the product and the bottom line.

Since the manufacturing sector is highly diverse, manufacturing companies must be able to communicate effectively across multiple languages. Falling short with translation is hurting U.S. companies. In fact, 1 in 4 United States businesses are losing customers from a lack of foreign language skills in their workforce. The solution is clear: to thrive in the manufacturing sector, companies must have effective translation, including phone interpretation and international translation services.

Why the Manufacturing Sector Needs Phone Translation Services

According to IBISWorld, the manufacturing market in 2020 was $4.7tr within the United States alone. There are more than half a million manufacturing businesses in the U.S. and exports were nearly 20.0% of sector revenue. Additionally, around 23.9 million immigrants work in manufacturing. Clearly, the need for translation services is huge.

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) is a service that allows two parties who don’t speak the same language to communicate with each other via an off-site translator. One party speaks to the translator, who then relays the message to the other party in their own language. Essentially, the interpreter acts as a remote middleman, breaking down communication barriers so the two companies can successfully discuss business.

Phone interpretation is vital for the manufacturing industry in five key ways.

#1 Lower Costs

Business deals and partnerships require solid communication to work. Miscommunication can cause shipping delays, missed product specs, and a plethora of other issues. Over-the-phone interpretation in the manufacturing industry can reduce costs by avoiding the miscommunication pitfalls that waste money and drain resources.

#2 Stronger Partnerships

When you work in manufacturing, creating partnerships and making deals are a part of daily business. When you show up to a meeting with an unprofessional interpreter (or worse, none at all), it sends the wrong message. Phone interpretation shows you’re committed to a strong partnership based on mutual respect.

#3 Available When You Need It

Problems can arise quickly. You may get an email during lunch about an issue with a company overseas. The issue then needs to be addressed ASAP to avoid further complications. Will you have an interpreter ready in your office when emergencies happen? Interpretation over the phone is there when you need it to offer any language translation required, any time of day. Simply connect to the service and you’re ready to solve the day’s problems.

#4 Access to Multiple Language Translators

Some manufacturing companies decide to hire an in-house translator, which is an option when you only communicate with a few partner companies who all speak the same language. The problem, though, is that this can hold your company back. When you only have one translator, you’ll be less likely to form partnerships with companies who don’t speak the translator’s language. Phone interpretation gives you access to translators who can help with any language you need. No more putting limits on your business.

#5 Professional, Trusted, and Compliant

Communicating across different countries can be tricky. Industry standards can vary and compliance issues may arise. Over-the-phone interpretation offers quality translators you can trust to remain compliant and uphold standards. Plus, it saves you from the burden of last-minute workplace training before a big meeting.

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