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Online US Citizenship Preparation Workshop

The online US citizenship preparation workshop from Workplace Languages is intended to introduce employees with Permanent Resident Status (“Green Card”) to the steps in the application process. The content is specifically focused on the official documents and requirements as given by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a fee-funded agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


The curriculum introduces four major components of the naturalization process and the required interview:

  1. the Application for Naturalization (USCIS N-400).
  2. the required 100 civics (history and government) questions and answers. The applicant must correctly answer six out of ten randomly selected questions.
  3. the reading vocabulary specified by the USCIS. The applicant must read one out of three questions correctly to pass.
  4. the writing vocabulary specified by the USCIS. The applicant must write one out of three sentences to pass.

Please note that students will not complete the N-400 during the workshop. The citizenship class instructor is not an immigration lawyer and will not provide legal advice. A more in-depth multi-session examination of these materials can be developed on request.


Participants must have Permanent Resident Status in the United States. They also must have completed at least one year of speaking primarily English in the workplace or at least two years of adult ESL instruction.

Participants must also have individual access to the Zoom learning platform (8 or fewer students) and basic familiarity with the software. The course also can be taught to a larger audience if large-screen video facilities are available in a private room.

Course materials provided to the employer for on-site photocopying: copies of the course outline; Application for Naturalization (N-400); Civics Questions and Answers; Reading Vocabulary; Writing Vocabulary; and instructor-vetted list of additional resources. Students also should have a pen/pencil; and notepaper.


 The workshop is designed as a three-hour program (three fifty-minute sessions with a break and time for questions).

A more extensive online US citizenship course is also offered by Workplace Languages. Click here for a sample of our ten-week offering.

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