Workplace Languages

Total Spanish Immersion For Executives

So you want to really learn Spanish and you don’t have a lot of time to commit to it? The absolute best way to learn a language, or anything for that matter, is to completely immerse yourself in it.

Workplace Languages, LLC offers a six-day / seven night Spanish Immersion for Executives that includes language and cultural immersion programs in either Santiago, Chile, Lima, Peru or Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Spanish Immersion in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru

Spanish Immersion in Buenas Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish Immersion in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

This course will be created to satisfy the needs and expectations of the executive leadership of your company who seek to develop strong speaking and oral comprehension skills with a focus on vocabulary that would be useful in their field. The main focus will be on developing specialized vocabulary, phrases and speaking skills within the context of daily situations with Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn specialized vocabulary unique to your company
  • Practice oral expression and communication in diverse contexts
  • Improve listening and comprehension skills
  • Demonstrate an appreciation and sensitivity to the unique cultural beliefs, practices, and values of the country’s population
  • Participation in workshops, role playing, and other activities designed to enhance the participant’s cultural competency

Daily Activities

Workplace Languages perform the services and activities described below for each of the participating Executives:

  • Morning 2.5 hour Spanish group instruction
  • Morning / afternoon 1.0 hour one-on-one individual tutoring sessions
  • Afternoon 2.0 hour cultural activity / excursion
  • Afternoon / evening 1.5 hour Spanish group instruction

Program Deliverables

The deliverables completed by Workplace Languages during this project will include the following:

  • A Monday through Saturday Spanish curriculum unique to your company
  • 24 hours of group instruction – 4 hours per day for 6 days
  • 24 hours of two-on-one tutoring – Four 1.0 hour sessions per day for 6 days
  • 12 hours of cultural activities / excursions during the week
  • 24/7 assistance during in-country training from Workplace Languages Project Manager that includes: group instruction and individual tutoring, ongoing curriculum development and adjustments, and general facilitation.

Workplace Languages Responsibilities

Workplace Languages will be responsible for completing the following:

  • Evaluate the specific learning needs of all participants through surveys, emails and phone conversations
  • Customized curriculum to meet the participants’ specific needs
  • 3-ring binder tabbed for Monday through Saturday curriculum for all participants
  • Create “Take-home” / Summary / Review Sheets to continue the learning process outside of the classroom and after program has concluded
  • Create audio files for all Summary / Review Sheets
  • Set up of daily itinerary with respect to language instruction and cultural experiences
  • Coordination of all Spanish instructors
  • Work with local language school to lead cultural activities
  • Will be present at all group language classes
  • Available 24/7 for all participants to address any language or curriculum concerns
  • Ongoing language assistance throughout the week by Ed Rosheim of Workplace Languages

If your company wants the quickest and most effective way to learn Spanish, total immersion is the only answer. Please download all the pdfs to answer your questions. Please call Ed Rosheim directly at (651) 436-8221 for more specific program details and cost or email