Workplace Languages

Eight-Week Onsite Workplace English Training

Workplace EnglishFor any individual with limited English proficiency


Workplace English training is intended to increase the effectiveness of your non-English speaking employees to communicate with supervisors, management, co-workers and customers in the English language. It will also help to better interact with English-speaking guests by closing the communication and cultural gaps, resulting in improved service and understanding of your company’s operations.


Participants will include LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENT (L.E.P.) employees with a similar level of conversational English. To facilitate good class participation, class sizes may range up to 20 participants per class.


The course time will be set to accommodate the scheduling needs of your company and your employees. Day and evening scheduling options are available. The course would meet for a total of 24 hours. Typically it meets three hours a week for eight weeks. This can be changed to meet the needs of the company. We will need 24 hours of “contact time” to go through the curriculum. It will be taught conveniently on site at a designated company location.


The curriculum is focused on providing participants the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in English. The curriculum is based on years of material developed for a variety of companies and industries. Additional content will be customized to meet the specific needs of your employees through a Needs Assessment. An outline for the course will be provided before the class is started.

Needs Assessment

Prior to Workplace English training, an assessment will be conducted to identify the specific language needs of the employees. This assessment helps us to facilitate fast, efficient learning of words and phrases most useful in your workplace. The trainer who will be teaching the course will participate in this process. The assessment will include a tour, job shadowing and interviewing employees. The needs assessment can be conducted within 2 weeks and the course(s) could begin within an additional week (3 weeks lead time total).

Managerial Support

It is recommended that prior to the Workplace English training, a presentation be made to supervisors of prospective participants. This presentation will review the purpose and anticipated benefits of the training, and clarify the need for employees to be given the time to attend classes regularly. It is critical that we have a company’s support to make this training as effective as possible.


Participants will be given written feedback on their performance during the course. Supervisors & participants will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the course and the trainer on two occasions during the course. After delivering the course, we will review the progress made and the learning outcomes with your staff to identify any opportunities for improvements to subsequent courses.


Language skill is acquired by speaking the language. The teaching methods will emphasize providing many opportunities for participants to practice speaking both in and out of the class. The majority of class time will be spent with participants learning and speaking functional vocabulary. The course will also include company-specific terminology and expressions, commands, yes/no questions and guided conversations.


Trainers are selected based on their experience, ability to effectively teach the “Workplace Languages’ approach” and their overall communication skills. Trainers use a highly interactive teaching style, in which they create activities that get all participants actively involved without putting anyone “on the spot.” We also keep the grammar to a minimum. I guarantee this to be a very upbeat non-threatening course.

During the pre-training needs assessment phase, the trainer will become very familiar with the organization as they meet with employees and participate in job shadowing.

Course includes:

  • Job shadowing & needs assessment
  • 24 hours of classroom instruction
  • Progress reports & Feedback forms
  • Customized curriculum & company-specific handouts
  • Assistance available outside of the classroom
  • Certificates of Completion

Return on Investment

Participants will:

  • Be able to “get their point across” with English phrases and vocabulary designed to meet your company’s specific language needs
  • Become more productive and reliable employee
  • Not have to worry about Daycare or Transportation – Classes are at Your Company
  • Learn in an energized, non-threatening environment where participants can thrive
  • Receive resource materials and handouts customized to facilitate learning outside of the classroom

Company impact:

  • Increase productivity, improve morale and increase retention
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Operational Efficiencies
  • Improved Workplace Safety
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Diversity in Leadership Positions

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Options for Customizing

  • Have Workplace Languages design an entirely new program with specific vocabulary and phrases unique to your company.
  • Co-brand one of our existing programs with your company’s name & logo.
  • Choose the materials that best fit your needs:  Manual, Audio CD or MP3, or eBook. We can design the delivery method that best fits your company.