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Basics of Immigration Reform Seminar

Immigration Reform SeminarImmigrants play an increasing role in Minnesota’s workforce. Yet the complicated federal laws governing the hiring of immigrants can be confusing to many employers. Our Basics of Immigration Reform Seminar is a forum designed to help human resource specialists better understand the laws and be assured that they have dotted the “I”s and crossed the “T”s in completing the necessary paperwork and other requirements. The timing of this forum is opportune for employers as seasonal workers typically join the workforce in the spring, summer and fall.

This 90-minute immigration reform seminar is divided into two panel presentations. The first panel will provide an overview of “best practices” for hiring and retaining immigrant workers. The second panel will focus specifically on the I-9 audit process. Join us for either or both panel presentations.

The cost of this seminar is $795 for up to 25 participants.

Call Workplace Languages at 651.436.8221 for more details regarding immigration reform seminar availability, presenters and possible customization to meet the specific needs of your company. Or email us at for more information.

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