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Language Training

Want a proven morale booster to use at your company? Have your supervisors learn to thank their workers for jobs well done in the workers’ native language. Not just a simple “thank you,” mind you, but a few phrases addressing the specific task and how it was done. How about giving your managers the communication tools to explain procedures and safety rules and the ability to know they are being understood? What better way to improve safety and to retain happy, productive workers? Everyone benefits. But who has time to implement these changes? Language training is key.

How about classes that addressed the needs of the specific workplace, whether teaching managers the language and cultures of their workers? Or teaching workers whose first language isn’t English language skills and American expectations in the workplace? Teaching managers basic phrases in Spanish or other languages that were specific to their needs not only helps to get the jobs done, but results in workers who feel more respected and motivated. For employees learning job-specific English not only allows them to improve their productivity, but also gives them the hope for future advancement. In all cases relationships improve and there is less stress in the workplace.

Workplace Languages language training options for every company’s needs and demanding schedules. Choose from our: Boot Camps, Lunchtime Language option Onsite Classes or our Immersion Programs in Latin America.

Language Training Course Offerings