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Bilingual CPR for Team Performance


You and your employees want the same thing. Sometimes it may not seem that way, but it’s almost always true. By and large, employees want to be top performers. They want to work as part of a high performing team.  They want to be productive and ready for the challenges presented to them. One of the most important factors that can impede your employees and your business from reaching their goals is gaps in communication. This is especially true when communication gaps are the result of language barriers.

Benefits of Language Training for Teams

If your business is like many that employ workers who speak English as a second language, language training for teams can help close the communication gap. Team performance progresses as team members grow in their jobs. Think of language training as bilingual CPR for team performance. It increases Confidence, Productivity, and Readiness.

  • Confidence – team members are more likely to participate in problem-solving when their confidence is high. Employees who are challenged by the English language may have the best ideas for your business, they just need help expressing them.
  • Productivity – teams that communicate effectively are more productive. Gaps in communication can create a lack of adherence to policies and procedures. Quality and customer service may also suffer when employees struggle to understand and communicate.
  • Readiness – business changes quickly, and your teams need to be able to respond just as quickly. Job readiness depends on closing the communication gap through language training.

New Product for Spanish Language Training for Teams

Workplace Languages is excited to announce that you can now purchase the popular Work Into Spanish language training program on our site. Work into Spanish is so much more than just a basic workplace Spanish text. Written by language professionals with years of experience in second-language training, the book is filled with pragmatic, communicative activities that let participants practice learned vocabulary and grammar points with new-found confidence. Click here to learn more.