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English and Spanish Workshops Focused on Your Business


Trainers at any company are constantly tasked with providing relevance to their training topics. Whether you’re running a full-day workshops or quick pre-shift meetings, you have to clearly draw the line between what you’re teaching and how employees can actually implement it on their jobs. When training on safety, you want to focus on safety issues that are specific to your company. When training on sales, you are teaching how to make sales of your product. When training on teamwork, the examples you use are centered around how your teams function in your environment. The same should be true of your language training. To have an impact, language training must be focused on the communication needs specific to your business and industry.

Custom Spanish-English Workshops

Click to download this language training workshop resource.

8-Week Onsite Language Training Workshops

At Workplace Languages, we offer onsite language training workshops to improve English or Spanish skills. Our Workplace Spanish and Workplace English workshops increase the effectiveness of communication among your employees. These classes aren’t your typical language training workshops. Relevancy is key. With our unique “grammar-less” approach to language training, employees gain the skills and the confidence to communicate effectively in their non-native language. The basic curriculum is based on years of material developed for a variety of companies and industries.

Beyond the basics, both our Spanish and English language training workshops are customized for each client. We incorporate company and industry-specific content into the tools employees receive to help them apply what they’ve learned to their daily work situations. For many clients, we create “cheat sheets” with key phrases and vocabulary related to different jobs within the company. To further reinforce the learning, we create audio versions of the cheat sheets using our multilingual voiceover talent so learners can practice these key phrases over and over again.

Please contact us for more information about our 8-week onsite language training workshops, either Workplace Spanish for English-speaking employees who need to learn Spanish or Workplace English for your Limited English Proficient (L.E.P.) employees.