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English Assessment for the Hospitality Industry

English Assessment for HospitalityBetter English for Better Service

The English Proficiency Hospitality Assessment was created to provide hospitality business owners and hiring managers with the most accurate information possible for recruiting, placement, and internal promotion decisions.

English language skills are an essential part of working in the hospitality industry. So why is there no English test specifically designed for this industry? There is! This Hospitality English Assessment is the best way to assess the English ability of your staff and new hires. This test focuses on speaking and listening skills and uses content specific to the hospitality industry.

English Hospitality Assessment at a Glance

iTEP, or International Test of English Proficiency, is used by hundreds of colleges and universities as well as multinational businesses around the world such as Microsoft, Pfizer, and JP Morgan. The hospitality industry, however, has particular hiring needs unlike any other. That’s why BES created a test specially for it.

The English Hospitality Assessment is administered in just 30 minutes via any office computer with internet. It contains specialized content for hospitality services, and focuses exclusively on listening and speaking skills. The entire testing process is user-friendly and secure. In short, the English Hospitality Assessment is right for your staff because it is:

  • Specialized: assesses the skills and vocabulary hospitality professionals need
  • Convenient: no need to schedule tests in advance or leave your premises
  • Fast: test completed in half an hour, with rapid results delivery
  • Relevant: listening and speaking skill evaluations for effective customer service

Not only is the English Hospitality Assessment designed specifically for your hospitality staff, it comes with a detailed comprehensive score report which provides a precise look at their English ability. Sub-linguistic skills such as catching details and grasping main ideas are displayed. Results are returned within 5 business days, with an option for 1 day expedited scoring available.

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